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2014 Grammy Fashion in Review

The 2014 Grammy’s started out with an opening performance by none other than Jay-Z and Beyonce. Performing their song “Drunk in Love,” it was by far the hottest collaboration of the night. No offense to any of the performers following this dynamic duo but it was all down hill from there. Let’s face it you can’t follow Queen B.  But luckily for all the others they had their moments to shine on the red carpet.

The Grammy’s are known for some of the most wild and eclectic fashions ever; including J.Lo’s infamous Versace gown and Lady Gaga showing up in an egg – just to name a few. This year though there were many big stars missing from the red carpet. There was no Miley nor Justin Timberlake, no Britney Spears, no Rihanna, no Usher nor Justin Beiber. And the two afore mentioned? J.Lo and Lady Gaga were MIA.

Not to say there weren’t some amazing fashion moments happening last night. Let’s start with the ladies of the show. My favorites go to Katy Perry in her whimsical tulle dress decorated in musical notes (because let’s face it when could you ever wear a dress like this other than to the Grammy’s?), the pregnant and glowing, not to mention glittering in gold Ciara, and finally Taylor Swift who described her dress as possibly “bulletproof” and heavy like a suit of armor. Bulletproof or not the dress was perfection and allows Swift to be one of my have-to-see looks.

There were also some standout guys that rocked the red carpet this year. There was country cutie Hunter Hayes who looked sleek in a navy and black suit and an adorable polka-dotted pocket square. Then there was Pharrell who had the world buzzing about his hat which looked like something a Canadian trooper would wear, paired with jeans and a red zip-up. Then down the carpet came one of my favorite celebrities ever – Kevin Hart. And he gets put on my list because one, he looked great and two, he rocked some gold and black; and as a Demon Deacon at heart I just couldn’t resist!


Also worth mentioning are the duos and pairs that walked the carpet together. Madonna not only brought her precious son David as her date but also matched his black tux with one of her own. Of course she couldn’t resist adding some crazy accessories like a cane, a Michael Jackson-esque sequined fingerless glove, and although you can’t see it in the picture, a grill.

Another favorite was Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. They showed up in a teal velvet suit, gold studded loafers, and a bow tie and a checker-patterned suit with black studded shoes and black tie, respectively. The description itself sounds ridiculous but these two guys pulled it off and looked effortlessly cool just like they are.

Another look that grabbed my attention was Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton. He looked amazing in a classic tux and his signature sunglasses but it was her who stole the show. She wore a black and white sparkly, half see-through, zebra printed long sleeve gown that culminated in two lion heads facing off on her collarbone. Talk about blurred lines…

But in the end it all comes back to Beyonce. She may not have walked the red carpet but after her performance she changed into one of the most talked about gowns of the night. An overlay of white flowers that hugged her well-known curves in the best way possible. To say she looked flawless just wouldn’t do her justice. She is my best-dressed, most must-see look of the night.

The show itself was a little bit of a letdown, in my opinion. But there were some moments that made the almost four-hour show worth watching. Including one courtesy of Mr. Beyonce himself when he accepted his Grammy for his collaboration with Justin Timberlake on “Holy Grail.”  So I will leave you all with the words of Jay-Z:

“And I want to tell Blue that, ‘Look, Daddy got a gold sippy cup for you!’”

It must be nice to be rich and famous…

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