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10 Times Dumb and Dumber Basically = Life at Wake Forest

Calling all movie loving collegiettes! Next Wednesday, November 5th in Carswell 111 at 7:30 PM, there will be a FREE advanced screening of Dumb and Dumber To! For those of you who a) didn’t see the first Dumb and Dumber (are you living under a rock?) or b) don’t think the movie relates to you – I am here to both chastise you and prove you wrong…

Below are the 10 ways that Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne were essentially Wake Forest students – JUST LIKE YOU!

1.     Can we all think back to the good ole’ days when Shorty’s was open late night and you could indulge (admittedly, slightly inebriated) in those endless tater tots and pancakes? Remember how much we loved that?? Yeah, Lloyd does too…

2.     As Work Forest students, we’ve all had those exams that result in us going back to our dorms and wallowing – both in sadness and pure, and utter confusion

3.     Ladies, it’s the Recruitment party of the Day 1. It has been what feels like an eternity of jumping up and down, handing water cups to girls as well as brainlessly chatting about winter break plans and all the Netflix you both watched. At this point, this is exactly how we’re feeling…

4.     If you say you’re from the ‘North’ at Wake Forest, I’m just gonna go ahead and assume you’re from New Jersey

5.     How I imagine some Wake Forest students spend their free time… 

6.     When guys walk into a frat party and they aren’t affiliated with the fraternity #whodoyouknowhere

7.     We’ve all experienced the sweet feeling of liberation on the way to Dirty Myrtle for the infamous Posties extravaganza; we leave those final exams behind us, throw up our hands in the air and get ready for days full of delirium and debauchery

8.     You’re dressed to the theme, have a drink in hand and are putting out those vibes in the dark and sticky fraternity basement…

9.     You’ve survived a year of Collins basement – chasing cockroaches and stink bugs left and right. And let’s not forget the mold infestation! Still, you go into sophomore year with high hopes – and wouldn’t ya know it! You get placed in Davis, where the mold has remained and all your clothes have the faint Subway bread odor. Shout out to all the tour guides describing the upper quad dorms as “historical”

10.  When you see a poster for the FREE ADVANCED SCREENING of Dumb and Dumber To and realize it’s not only free, but on campus! Come to Carswell 111 (Annenberg) at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, November 5th to grab your seat early, and you’ll have a chance to win a bunch of cool Dumb and Dumber merch!

Check out the Facebook event page here! And, follow or like NBC/Universal for a chance to win cool prizes and priority seating at the event!

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