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Your Worries Are Stealing Your Happiness

We all do it. We all worry. It’s a result of the world that we live in. Money, relationships, school, work; we have a million things on our minds every day, all these things with the potential to take away our happiness.



I used to be one of those people that worried over every single thing. This came to a head about a year ago. I was almost entirely consumed by worry at all times. There were a number of issues all happening simultaneously in my life that were causing me constant worry. I spent all my time worrying and my happiness was taking a serious hit as a result. There was a rock bottom that I eventually felt I hit. After that, I realized what had to happen.


I decided that if I was not happy, I had to do something to change that. I had to make changes in my life to get me to where I wanted and needed to be. Simply put, where I needed and wanted to be was anywhere better than where I was. I just decided one day that I was going to get there and be happy, and it did not matter what I had to do to get there.


For me, I have a handful of affirmations that I remind myself of each day. My favorite and go-to for every situation is “que sera, sera”, it means whatever will be, will be.




In reality, we truly have very little control over anything that goes on in our lives. However, our individual happiness is one of those things. You have the power to choose what makes you happy, so take advantage of that power.


And for all those things that we have no control over at all, do yourself a favor and let the worries about them go. Do what you can but do not make yourself sick with worry over them.


I know you’re thinking when it comes to things like this, it’s easier said than done, and sometimes that is true. But we over complicate our lives so often that we are really doing a lot of this to ourselves. Trust me, from someone who has been there, all that is needed is effort in the right direction. Speak and act your worries out the door and welcome happiness into its' place.


In making those changes, I realized something even greater-- when we stop worrying about the things that we can’t control, we leave the door open for all of the happiness we were previously keeping locked out.



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Eva Cregger

Virginia Tech '20

An old soul with modern views of the world that loves movies, music, traveling and anything sweet. Majoring in Communication Studies at Virginia Tech. I am a proud Hokie & HerCampus member
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