Your Galentine's Day Agenda

Valentine’s Day serves as a reminder to tell the person you love just how much you care. Valentine’s Day plans are typically more romantic and spent with a significant other, however, your significant other is not just your lover. Your best friends and families deserve to know how much you love them too, and thus- the creation of Galentine’s Day. Regardless of whether or not you have a Valentine yourself, do not forget to show the gals in your life some love this week! After all, the love you have for the girls who support you is unmatchable. Here are some ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day this week!



Start off your Galentine’s Day the right way, with a brunch for you and your friends. Whether it is heart shaped pancakes, waffles or some muffins from Bollo’s, take time for a good meal with your besties.



Exchange some Galentines during class to brighten your friends’ day! Heart-shaped marshmallows and candies are everywhere and a great way to make someone feel loved even if they are spending their day at the library.


Sugar Magnolia Chocolates

Nothing says Galentine’s Day more than chocolate. Sugar Magnolia has all the decadent and cute Valentine’s Day themed chocolates. You can even call ahead and have chocolates delivered to your Galentine! Imagine walking out of class and having adorable heart shaped chocolates delivered to you from your bestie!


Dinner Party

Have a love-filled dinner with your best friends. Whether you go out for Italian food or stay in and make something together, a group dinner is the perfect way to bring everyone together.


Photo Booth

No party is complete without a photobooth. Whether you are staying in to watch chick-flicks or headed out to dance the night away at Salsa Night, decorations are key for getting everyone in a great mood.



The most important part of the day is dessert. Head to Kroger and pick up a heart-shaped cookie cake your friends will love, or try making some Insta-worthy cookies with the girls. Melting chocolate for dipping strawberries or marshmallows is the easy dessert staple.


Whether you are single on Valentine’s Day or spending the day with your significant other, you have Galentine’s Day to celebrate first.


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