You Are Your Greatest Relationship Investment

Blame it on our culture or society but there is no denying that our generation struggles with relationships. The way we define, behave within, as well how we handle our emotions when it comes to relationships is distorted from any generation before us. This struggle we face affects our ability to communicate and navigate appropriately through relationships, which often times leads to unhealthy relationships or a lack of relationships at all.

No relationship is easy, by any means. Relationships of any kind take patience and effort to work and last. I am not saying jump ship as soon as the waters get rough, but I am saying it isn’t worth drowning trying to save a relationship that has no meaning or purpose.

We all have them or have had them in our lives. Friends that are never really there for you but expect you to be there for them. Love interests that play games with our hearts. Family members that put you down. It makes no difference if a relationship is with a significant other, friend, or family member, if the relationship isn’t feeding your soul or adding positivity to your life, it is time to CUT IT!! It is truly that simple.

Cutting ties can be difficult but just because something is difficult doesn’t mean that it isn’t the right thing to do. Once you have that out of your life you should feel an immediate sense of relief, like a weight lifted off your shoulders. The undeniable feeling of guilt that we typically feel when it comes to making this decision is completely unnecessary.

You are living your life for YOU! Any relationships that you have in your life needs to be serving some sort of purpose. A relationship should be adding something meaningful to your life, such as emotional support, guidance, stability, nourishment, etc. to your life. Keep in mind that all the things that a relationship should be adding to your life directly influence individual health; whether it be mental or physical. An unhealthy relationship can have significant lasting effects.

Here’s a little reminder: You get what you give. Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people that care about you and your well-being. Those are the people that you need to work on relationships with and cherish. But don’t forget to make sure that you are someone that is contributing to healthy relationships with others. The quality of our relationships outshines the quantity.

While the relationships we have with others are essential, the only relationship worth truly sacrificing anything for is the one you have with yourself. A relationship with yourself is the best one that you can have. Be accepting of the real you, make peace with your flaws, learn to be happy in your own skin, and all other relationships will fall into place. This may very well be the most challenging relationship to work on, but the most rewarding. Always keep your best interest at heart. At the end of the day, it is all you and that is who you should be living for.  

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