Women In Ag: Ag Econ Club at Virginia Tech

As a chapter of Her Campus, we like to direct attention to the achievements of women on the Virginia Tech campus, representing their varying interests and involvement. One such example is Alex Battah, President of Ag Econ club. Her team poses a staggering number of women members, and these women are here to share their experiences as women in agriculture with us!

What’s the most rewarding component of being involved in Ag Econ?

Knowing that for a while it consisted predominantly of men, but each year more and more women are coming into the department and becoming amazing leaders in agriculture and economics. Also, networking with professors and industry professionals.

What majors are represented in Ag Econ?

Member majors include Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, Communication, Animal and Poultry Science and Water Resource Management. Ag Econ can have tracks in Community Economic Development, Environmental Economics and International Trade and Development, while Agribusiness can have tracks in Agribusiness Management or Veterinary Business Management.

Who can join?

 Anyone can join!

Do you encounter any gender-bias in your field(s)?

Yes, in agriculture, 86% of principal farm operators are male. More and more females are entering the industry as professionals to help producers succeed. Most older, male producers have an onset reluctance to trust female professional’s advice and may have a hard time taking them seriously. This issue will take time to resolve itself as more women begin entering the workforce and the stereotype is broken.

What faculty have guided the growth of this organization?

Our advisor, Frenda Haynie, has helped us greatly with recruitment, outreach regarding events and much more! Not only is she an awesome advisor, most students consider her a friend and life coach!

What upcoming events do you have on the calendar?

Our Annual Bar-B-Q sale will be April 20-22!

More and more typically male-dominated industries are seeing the emergence of women leaders like those involved in Ag Econ club. By gaining applicable experience, building a vast network of professional relationships and with the right guidance — the sky is the limit for women in agriculture.