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Who We Are Becoming


We are creatures of adaptation. What we live through each day affects who we are, what we do, and who we become. What we become a part of, becomes of us. Who each of us is becoming is something that everyone should cherish. 


The world and the current climate of our country are influencing us. The decisions we make, the things that we decide to support, movements we become a part of, those individuals that we advocate for, all influence who we are becoming. 


Having the opportunity to gain an education at a university has been a privilege many around the world will never see. For that in itself, I am grateful. For all that I have learned academically, I am grateful. Hopefully, I have been equipped with an education that will serve me well in any career I choose. Now for all that I have learned about myself, I am especially grateful.

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Not only have I gained a college education and degree, but I have found who I am. The lessons learned to go far beyond the courses taken. The determination and dedication it takes to complete something this big will show you a great deal about yourself. For that, just completing the task is enough to make anyone proud of themselves. Knowing that you can do anything you set your mind to, and holding on to that is a gift that will never go away. 


Her Campus and Virginia Tech have allowed me to grow into myself. I have found a passion for communication—the ability to build a social circle outside of just studies and working.


I have been able to be a part of an organization that allowed me to share a passion for socialization and companionship, along with a deep-rooted passion for female empowerment. A group of strong, independent, incredible women is truly amazing to be a part of. I found a passion for expression through social media and writing and being a part of something more than myself, a team that I found belonging to. I hope that others within Her Campus at Virginia Tech have found what I have, and gained what I have through the fellowship, and work that this organization does.


Something that you never expected to become such a large part of your life can change everything, and change everything for the better. Don’t turn down an opportunity to take a chance, be a part of something, meet new people, discover a passion, or find yourself. 


I hope that everyone will have opportunities to find themselves through whatever they become a part of. Be a part of something bigger than yourself, something that brings you peace, and good for others as well. 

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I hope that opportunities to evolve into who we are continue to present themselves to us. The world is constantly changing; our lives are constantly changing. Who we are becoming is constantly changing, and that journey is incredible.


Fear of the unknown is terrifying. Keep faith in that whatever happens, and trust that you will be alright. Who we are, and who we are becoming is who we were meant to be. Even with all the uncertainties that lie ahead, the growth and change are to come—there is comfort in knowing that.


Eva Cregger

Virginia Tech '20

An old soul with modern views of the world that loves movies, music, traveling and anything sweet. Majoring in Communication Studies at Virginia Tech. I am a proud Hokie & HerCampus member
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