What October Will Bring You Based on Your Horoscope Sign

Now that it’s October, many of us are ready for all things spooky. However, you may be hoping for a not-so-terrifying monthly horoscope. Keep reading to see what this month will bring you based on your astrological sign! 

Libra:  Your birthday season is finishing up, Libra, but that doesn’t mean that the excitement is winding down! Your loved ones may be fighting for your attention this month but be sure to give everyone in your life equal time to be with you and enjoy the warmth and love your sunny personality provides them. Also, be wary of your impulsive decision making this month and consider the consequences before making any sudden decisions. 

Scorpio:  Your love life is heating up this month, Scorpio, so get ready! Depending on where you are romantically, you could be finding a new partner or discovering more about an existing partner. Your creative side will also have time to shine this month, so be sure to give your hidden talents time to flourish and see what doors they will open up. 

Sagittarius:  You’re a strong individual and a force to be reckoned with, Sagittarius. You have felt forced into the supporting role for too long, and it’s finally your time to shine. Just make sure that you’re aligning yourself with the right people in your life—if so, you’re sure to break out of the cycle of judgment you’ve felt confined to for far too long and make great things happen this month! 

Capricorn:  Someone in your life tends to monopolize a lot of your time, Capricorn, and you allow them to because you enjoy their company. This can lead to you getting behind on work or other important things, causing you to be frustrated. This month try to work on establishing clear boundaries as well as enforcing them. 

Aquarius:  You’re very good at reading people, dear Aquarius. Depending on the situation you find yourself in, this could be both good and bad. Someone in your life has brought an individual to your attention who is not who they appear to be. Don’t be hasty in exposing this person, though, or you risk losing the person close to you. With some subtle hinting, you can help them come to this realization on their own. 

Pisces:  You are a sign who is very emotional and expresses these feelings often, Pisces. It’s a quality that many people in your life love about you, so don’t forget that. People may encourage you to hide this side of you for their comfort, but don’t be afraid to be anything less than your raw and honest self. 

Aries:  The air in your life is charged with excitement, change, and unknown, dear Aries. This complete blank slate can be both exciting as well as terrifying. While you may not immediately hit the ground running this month, a path is beginning to form ahead of you; be sure to follow it. Who knows where it’s going to take you? 

Taurus:  Home and family have been big pressures for you recently, Taurus. This month is all about focusing on and highlighting those relationships, which may seem like a daunting process, but will only lead to reconciliation and gratitude in the end. 

Gemini:  A very long-lasting, old friendship of yours could be tested this month, Gemini. Confrontation has been avoided, but the conflict and inevitable tension accompanying it are coming to a head. Communication in many of your relationships could go a little haywire for you this month, so try sticking to communicating face to face to avoid confusion. 

Cancer:  You love to be involved in as much as possible, Cancer—and there’s nothing wrong with being involved in your commitments! But things have been extremely hectic and overwhelming for you lately, and you may feel slightly burnt out. Fear not, though! This month should bring about a slower pace of life! This will give you the chance to be involved in something you’ve wanted to dig into for a while, so take advantage of this opportunity! 

Leo:  You are a tenacious sign, Leo, and have often been labeled as a people pleaser. You love love, and you have a big heart that touches so many of the people in your life. This month, try to be more realistic about how much help you can provide those you care for and take on only what you can honestly handle; you won’t be leaving your loved ones in the dust, but rather, leaving them to follow your advice and make their own choices. 

Virgo:  You have been holding on to a dream of yours for a while, Virgo, and you are starting to feel as though the dream is never going to become your reality, but this is not true! This dream of yours is simply a long, drawn-out process that will take some time and patience—a skill you must learn to practice this month as you make some headway on this project. 

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