What I Overheard While Studying in New Classroom Building

As finals are right around the corner, not everyone is in their right mind. Life is crazy this time of the year, and all those hours of isolating yourself while studying can take a toll on how you act around your friends. This finals season, I decided to get a change of scenery from Newman Library and see what New Classroom Building has to offer instead. The abundance of whiteboards and outlets were a positive; however the strong back support of the Newman Library seats was greatly missed. Among the many hours spent there this week, I was able to learn some interesting facts about my fellow Hokies from the pieces of conversation I overheard and could not ignore.  

Here are just a few of the interesting statements I picked up on:

1.  "Madi, you look like the snipping tool."  

2.   "I can't wait to have adult money and no dependents."

3.   "I put the old VT logo in my PowerPoint presentation because I'm THAT petty."


4.   "I think I just broke physics."  

5.   "I'm scared to wake up tomorrow morning."

6.   "I need to get those things that horses have for when I'm studying what are they called, blinders? I need those so I can't see other people."  

7.   "Babies are just an equation."  

8.   "He brought an entire toaster! Do you want a bagel? We have blueberry!”  

9.   “Gluten is the government's number one form of mind control.”  

10.  “Don’t you hate when you’re solving a problem and you think you’re doing it right then in the end you just get G=G?”

11.  “What is a jaunt? Is that sexual?”  

12.  “I’m going to need like a Botox after this week”

13.  “Dude, have you had your Starbs yet today?”

14.  “He says he’s woke, but I think he’s just dumb and calls it being woke.”

15.  “CHILL OUT" And, “I’m as cool as a cucumber bro.”

16.  “I am THICC right now like my chubbies are rubbing against my thighs.”  

So as you can see, the conversation was pretty fresh over at New Classroom Building. To hear some of this for yourself, be sure to study for finals in New Classroom Building this semester.


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