Vera Bradley Items Every College Girl Needs

Young women tend to have packed schedules and it can be overwhelming running from one time commitment to the next. The best way to feel on top of everything is to be prepared and organized. Organization and practicality are hard objectives to achieve while in college, but Vera Bradley designs products to make life easier for women in all stages of life. Here are some popular Vera Bradley items among college girls that I have found myself extremely thankful for throughout my college years.

Weekender and Duffel Bags


An overnight bag is something nearly every college girl forgets to bring with her to college. For weekend trips home, to conferences, beach weekends, or to visit friends at other universities, a practical bag to pack is very valuable. Both style bags fold up so they barely take up any space in a dorm room when not in use.

Collegiate Gear

Vera Bradley now has a collegiate line, the perfect grad gift for any girl graduating high school or college! The duffel bags are a must so why not get one that reps your school? The best product in the line is of course the throw blanket. These throw blankets are the softest blankets I have ever felt and are size XL to match those XL dorm beds, so the blanket easily covers your entire body. In addition to carrying duffels and blankets, the collegiate line also includes standard stadium permitted cross bodies!

Zip ID


Zip ID’s are the college girl staple. This is the most practical object you can get any girl, as one can keep their keys and their student ID all in one place eliminating risk of the student ID falling out of their pocket or phone case. You never have to fish through your backpack for your student ID checking out in a dining hall or climbing on the bus.

Ditty Bag

The Ditty Bag is back! This bag has a million purposes, the favorite being to hold wet swimsuits. The waterproof lining makes it ideal for lake and beach weekends, packing shoes, or even separating the dirty laundry in your suitcase.


Cosmetic Bag


The cosmetic bag is vital for traveling between home and school, and everywhere else. I actually use one as my travel cosmetic bag, then have a second Vera Bradley cosmetic bag I use as a pencil case. This bag fits a graphing calculator!



These umbrellas not only serve the purpose of bringing a cheery pattern to a glum day, but are also extremely light and compact to fit in your backpack. I keep mine in the one unused side pocket of my backpack. You never know how long you will be on campus each day. Nothing is worse than getting stranded in a classroom building due to an unexpected rainstorm. 

I use each of these Vera Bradley items frequently, and seeing a bright pattern just adds a little cheer to my day. Vera Bradley carries solid microfiber colors as well as extremely cute leather bags, but floral and patterns are in, and changing up the pattern is a fun way to stay on top of the season’s trend.


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