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Tis the Season for Exams

I’m up late, doin’ it*

(*reading an 895 page book about the six wives of Henry VIII for an exam tomorrow I just now started studying for)

As thrilling as studying for exams is, I often find myself daydreaming while camped out in Newman Library. On this week’s episode of “Catie-Reagan’s Very Realistic Young Adult Novel,” girl notices quiet, shy new guy in school. After a brief encounter she finds he’s uninteresting. Both eventually graduate.

Newman Library has a bunch of different study spaces, from group study floors to quiet study floors. Take advantage of this beautiful study space!

Catie-Reagan Palmore is an aspiring Londoner and cat lady. She is currently in her third year at Virginia Tech with plans to graduate in Spring 2017. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre with focuses in Costume Design and Performance. Her minor is in International Fashion. In May she will finish her certificate in Fashion Business at Parsons. One of her favorite things about being a Hokie is being a photographer for Humans of Virginia Tech.
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