Things to Do in Your Self-Isolated Summer

With this unprecedented semester rolling to a close, so brings about a summer vacation like nobody has ever seen before. Beaches are closed, concerts are canceled and pretty much anything that you would have wanted to do over summer break has been put on hold. But all hope is not lost, as you can still make the most of your summer vacation and have the best summer possible, despite the current situation of the world.

SeasideFor most of us, traveling somewhere warm or exotic was probably at the top of our 2020 Summer Bucket List. However, due to the current circumstances, these plans have been put on hold or canceled all together. In spite of this, it is still possible to spend some time in the sun while being stuck in your house or apartment. Put on your bathing suit and find a sunny spot in your yard or on your deck/patio and get your tan on. If you want to take this experience to the next level, buy an inflatable pool and fill it up, grab a fruity drink and play some ocean sounds on your phone to make it seem like you’re in a tropical paradise and not a suburban nightmare.

ConcertAnother item that was probably on your bucket list for this summer only to be uprooted was a concert and/or music festival. The vibes you get from concerts and festivals are hard to replicate, but artists and bands who have had to cancel their summer 2020 tour dates have begun to do impromptu concerts on Instagram Live or on their respective festival websites. If one of your favorite bands, DJs or artists is doing a live concert, plug in your speakers, turn off your lights and vibe to the music that you should be seeing live.

two friends laughingOne of the biggest downfalls to self-isolating is not being able to hang out with your friends, but there are many things you can still do to make memories with them this summer. Watch movies via a Zoom conference call or Netflix Party extension, create PowerPoint presentations on outrageous topics and share them via video conferences or hold an impromptu game night through FaceTime or Zoom to have some much needed social interaction with your favorite people. And if some restrictions currently in place begin to get lifted, you can always partake in a drive-in movie with your friends, while still maintaining the six feet apart guideline. Really all you need is a projector, a white sheet and some friends who want to have a good time.

Green Car Near Seashore With Blue Ocean

Nothing about the current situation is ideal, but you have to remember to stay positive. You’re not alone, and everyone is in the same boat right now. But if we continue to abide by the guidelines that our government legislatures have enacted, we might actually get a little bit of summer after all. So get your dream summer body through virtual workout classes or pick up a new hobby, because who knows when life will finally return to “normal.” We’re all in this together, and we can get through this. And when this is all said and done, we’re going to have a new, more appreciative outlook on life. But for now, it’s #Self-IsolatedSummertime, so let’s make the most of it.