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It’s cozy season, so pick some songs to match the vibe.

It’s the season for cozy sweaters and fuzzy boots. And what is a better way to celebrate fall with a playlist that matches the vibe.

“october passed me by” – girl in red

This song embodies the feeling of letting go. Girl in red’s “we fell in love in reminisce” shows the idea of falling in love but this song shows the rough outcome of a messy break up. Surely this song will make you reminisce on a past lover.

“You’re so”- Milk.

With a catchy beat and a mesmerizing voice this song is surely going to be on repeat. It talks about the what if’s in a relationship. Between miscommunications and the fear of real love, this song is surely going to be a great song to walk with.

“Life you lead”- NiceBoy Ed

This song is isn’t as popular as the other’s but it deserves the recognition. Niceboy ed’s voice is captivating as he describes a love he lost and he will never get it back.

“Ava”- Famy 

If you ever wanted your main character moment this song is perfect for you. Famy has the ability to make happy lyrics merge beautifully with a movie like soundtrack.

“Voices of the chord”- Hiroyuki Sawano

Did you ever want a song that helps motivate with work or a quick walk, this is the song. Hiroyuki Has an angelic voice that makes the listener want to replay the song all day.

“Why not” – Christian Leave 

This isn’t the most popular Christian Leave’s songs but it needs to be. This song explains the constant questions of “how are you doing?” but not wanting to ask, creates that question of possibilities.

“What if I loved you”- Gatlin

Have you ever felt like love has always failed for you? Well Gatlin embodies this idea, especially as the question of “If I love you too much?” plays. This song will definitely get you in your feelings.

“Flight risk”- Tommy Lefroy

This song may be short and sweet, but it perfectly captures the terror of falling in love. Tommy has to admit she’s leaving before her lover can leave. You can count on getting in the mood thanks to this song.

“Ceilings”- Lizzy Alpine 

The season’s change was propelled by this TikTok hit last year and will do so again this year. Its memorable chorus and universal message ensure that it will be played over and over.

Whether you take a walk through the duck pond or are walking to your next class, this playlist can definitely fulfill your fall needs.

Hafsa Ayubi

Virginia Tech '27

I am currently a first-year student at Virginia Tech, with intentions to pursue a double major in Political Science and Communications. I am originally from Northern Virginia and I have a strong connection to my ethnic heritage. I have consistently derived pleasure from the act of writing, as it serves as a means for expressing my emotions. As I embark on the creation of my second book, I derive great pleasure from the freedom to express my passion through writing. My interest has always revolved around writing, encompassing a wide range of topics from pop culture to providing advice on navigating through the challenges of a breakup. I hope my writing can inspire and help people get through life and laugh a bit!