In the Spirit of Mother Earth

Today is Earth Day, and in the spirit of Mother Earth, here is some information about it and what you can do to participate not just today but every day.



Climate change has been a controversial issue for decades. However, it has become less so in recent years with raised awareness of its actuality and severity. Naively, people believe that climate change has little or no effect on the human race.


Climate change is taking its toll on our ocean levels, which will lead to permanent flooding within coastal communities. Our air quality is diminishing with pollution. Wildlife all around the planet is struggling to survive. We have seen marine wildlife especially suffering due to the rise of waste and debris being released into the oceans. Shifts in weather patterns can bring unfamiliar weather-related disasters to areas not accustomed or prepared for them, resulting in unnecessary deaths. Not only that, shifting weather patterns will create instability where food is concerned. So much of what we consume is dependent on the weather, any produce at all could disappear from our grocery stores in the blink of an eye.


The “Circle of Life” from Disney’s The Lion King isn’t just a song. It reflects the reality of how everything in nature interconnected!


Sir David Attenborough recently warned that civilization will collapse and face extinction if we do not act soon. Sounds harsh, right? Although we have experts warning us almost daily of the harm that climate change poses, we still are unable to grasp what a serious issue this is.


Often times, I hear people claiming that making efforts to recycle or be more resourceful is pointless or simply not their problem because they won’t be around when the consequences take effect. But guess what? Those consequences are already taking effect and they are only going to get worse.



When going grocery shopping take reusable bags, most places have them for under a dollar per bag. Trust me, you will get your money's worth and by doing this, you won’t unnecessarily use dozens of plastic bags. Plus, you’ll be cutting back on the number of trips you’ll have to make when bringing your groceries in.


Staying hydrated is really important to stay healthy. So instead of drinking out of multiple plastic water bottles a day, opt for a reusable bottle. With these you are able to use them over and over, just make sure you’re washing regularly!

After photos of sea turtles with straws lodged in their faces went viral, a huge movement against plastic straw use began. Many restaurants don’t offer straws anymore unless specifically asked. Personally, I don’t care to use a straw any time or place. But if you are one of those people who prefer one, you can buy a metal straw to take with you anywhere!


Pollution is a huge threat, although we typically don’t recognize it as much as plastic. To help cut on this though, we can start walking instead of driving. Look at it this way, the more steps you take walking instead of driving, the less time you have to spend on the elliptical at the gym.


Last but not least, RECYCLE! We have had this engraved into our minds for as long as we can remember but it is so important. Recycling includes: plastic items, paper, cardboard, aluminum, and glass.


Imagine if all those who are saying, “I’m just one person, I can’t make a difference on my own.”

had the mindset of those that are already doing their part. That movement would have to capability to make enormous steps towards saving our planet.


If we aren’t careful, we will be the ones ultimately facing the consequences that climate change will lead to. If we can actively be more conservative and resourceful, our planet will thank us. Go forth and be virtuous, child of Mother Earth!


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