Some of the Best Sorority Baskets on Campus

Sorority girls spend hours putting together gift baskets for their littles. Big sisters research and record their little’s favorite colors, foods, and room decor choices just to assemble the perfect basket. These baskets welcome girls into their new sisterhood, and the thoughtfulness of the baskets ensures each new member feels appreciated. Here are some baskets and canvases girls on campus have made for their littles!  


Wow, this girl has one lucky little! 10/10 for color scheme and aesthetic, you can tell hours of work and thought went into these baskets!



I love the Virginia Tech Basket! The color schemes are awesome and the insane amount of the little’s favorite candy show the big was extra thoughtful in getting to know her.



This basket is chic and perfectly color coordinated! The sparkling crescent moon highlights the gold accents.



These canvases are amazing! Designing canvases and crafts your little will actually want to hang on her wall is always a challenge, but Tara obviously did not have a problem with that!



Killer color schemes and awesome aesthetic! A lot of thought was obviously put into these arrangements.



The letters are so stylish, not to mention it takes some serious talent to make handmade canvases that look this amazing!




These canvas designs obviously took a ton of patience and a steady, talented hand by a loving big!  




So many cute letters! The tie dye letters especially show a lot of hard work went into them.