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Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories

With finals coming up there is practically no time to go to the gym and get in a good workout (let alone any time to do anything but study).  So I’ve come up with a few ways for you to burn a few calories during your daily routine – no sweating involved!

1. Walk to Class: Whether you live on or off campus, try to sneak in as much walking as you can.  The weather is actually nice for the first time in months, so take advantage and burn a couple hundred extra calories.

2. Drink Green Tea:  Caffeine has been shown to increase the rate at which calories are burned.  So instead of grabbing for a coke or cup of coffee- have a nice cup of ABP’s green tea for 0 calories.

3. Fidget: Ever find yourself constantly tapping your foot during class or twirling your pencil uncontrollably? Don’t stop yourself! If you keep this up during the day you can burn up to an extra 500 calories, which is the equivalent of an hour long spin class.  Now that’s what I call my kind of work out.   

4. Surf the Web: instead of just sitting there watching TV, surf the web and burn an extra 50 calories an hour just by moving those fingers around.

5. Sleep:  I know it’s difficult to squeeze in 7 hours around this time of year, but try snoozing for 7 hours a night a burn 200 calories.  Winning? I think yes. 

Those are just a few ways to rev up your calorie burn.  As long as you’re moving you’re burning calories. Happy moving people!

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