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Seven Things You Find in a Freshman Dorm

The first week as a Virginia Tech freshman hit me like a massive whirlwind, surging all sorts of information through my hungry brain. Remembering countless new companions’ names, the location of specific buildings in their castle-like uniformity, each individual professor’s do’s and don’ts, as well as the quickest possible path to D2 has been no small challenge. But these new experiences were expected as I entered my freshman year. However, some of the following were the surprising things I have discovered in my own Virginia Tech dorm.

Seven Things You Find in a Freshman Dorm:

1. The Natives: Entering the dorm, I innocently thought the only things living in my room would be my roommate and myself. WRONG. Ants, spiders and other native species have made our lovely little first-floor room theirs as well. Although I’m sure the impressive amount of trash lacing the dorm rooms didn’t damage their food supply…
2. Questionable Cabinets: Slusher Wing has an astronomical amount of storage space…or so it appears. Do not be alarmed when the overhead cabinet doors to the far right and left sides of the room do not open. Inconveniently placed, they are sealed shut and unusable. Nicely done, design team.
3. Cuddly Carpeting: Another one of Slusher’s rooming benefits is its heavily insulated walls. Covered in rough carpeting, these halls are perfect for keeping in the heat. And the germs. And the smells. Not to mention the beauty added through the colorful array of unidentifiable stains that
decorate these carpets.
4. Sweat City: I thought my roommate and I had come to our new college dorm prepared for the infamous heat when we turned on our two medium-sized fans. I was sorely mistaken. We have since accumulated two more fans for a grand total of four, and even that doesn’t guarantee a good night’s sweatless sleep.
5. The Pseudo-Jocks: These are a special brand of people who believe they should be praised for their excellence in sports when in reality, they don’t see the ball coming until it hits them in the face…literally. Usually in high-school-sports pennies and Nike ankle socks, they can
easily be spotted across the Drillfield, never without a Frisbee in hand.

6. The Gamers: Take a stroll down the boys’ half of the dorm and you’ll see it…flashing lights, explosion and/or shooting noises, and the back of the boy’s head whose hands are manipulating the holy controller. What? Attempt to meet new people and make lifelong friendships with them? Absurd. Who needs real people when you have dungeons, dragons and COD?
7. The People-Who-Think-They-Know-Everything-But-Actually-Don’t: We all have one of those people on our hall. That freshman that is convinced they know where and what everything is, but instead, ends up leading you 3 miles off course to the dining hall. Stick with them and you’ll be sure to miss every party. Avoid when possible.
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