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Say Goodbye to Your Boyfriends!

The population of Virginia Tech is composed of about 40% females and 60% males. However, did you notice the sudden decrease of male students in your classes on Tuesday? No, the Victoria Secret fashion show isn’t for another month; so there can really only be another reason for the sudden disappearance of boys…videogames. Videogames might as well be another woman to get jealous of. They can command your boy’s attention in an instant and keep possession of it for hours on end.  

At midnight last Monday, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 hit stores and male class attendance hit an all time low…as well as female satisfaction. According to PC magazine, COD MW3 is the best-selling game pre-order of all-time.  Which is pretty impressive considering a new addition to the games’ line is released every year.  For this version, the graphics have been improved and various battle locations have been added.

If this particular videogame were a woman, it would be that perfect blonde bombshell that just stepped off the catwalk of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Yeah ladies, good luck competing with that. Boyfriend of junior Hillary Pitts was straight up with her “He took me out to dinner the night before the game was released and he explained I probably won’t be seeing him in the coming days.”

For the single ladies, it can be equally frustrating when your guy friends decide to not go out and game out in their man-caves all night. 

However, before a war is waged against videogames, keep in mind that they come and go. The excitement of a new item will soon fade and the male population will slowly emerge from their hermit shells.

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