Powerful Women Curing Powerful Diseases

HPV (human papillomavirus) has officially been cured ladies! Yes, you read that right—a group of scientists led by the inspirational and successful scientist Eva Ramon Gallegos, at the National School of Biological Sciences in Mexico, has found a way to effectively exterminate the HPV virus using light. How cool is that?

Now of course this isn’t just any old lamp doing the trick—Gallegos and her team implemented a technique of photodynamic therapy, which uses a laser and an amino acid called aminolevulinic acid. According to the American Council of Science and Health, photodynamic therapy depends on the “ability of a chemical to absorb light (often laser light) and generate energy which then promotes a chemical reaction to kill cancer cells.” Gallegos’ team used this technique by targeting cells in the cervix to eliminate anything relating to HPV.

A total of 449 women participated in this study, and all were previously infected with HPV. Some showed signs of cancerous lesions indicating cervical cancer, while others did not. For women without signs of cervical cancer, the HPV virus was completely eradicated. For the group with some cancerous lesions, the HPV was mostly done away with, with about 60% success.

So what does this mean? It means that the future of medicine is very bright, thanks to Dr. Gallegos and her team. Cervical cancer is one step closer to being cured, and who knows what else these brilliant people will be able to accomplish in the land of feminine health? Talk about girl power!

As it is our Women’s Health Week, I would like to remind all the ladies out here that you should still be aware and safe when it comes to your body. HPV is still one of the most commonly sexually transmitted infections, and you can never be too careful with something as precious as your health.


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Image from: https://prepforthat.com/mexican-scientists-claim-theyve-cured-hpv/