Overheard in Newman Library During Finals Week

The constant studying, all-nighters, overcaffeination and overload of stress can cause some interesting vibes in Newman Library during finals week, to say the least. Here's what we overheard throughout finals week. 

“Should I make the caption for our formals pic something about my shoes? I can’t say she didn’t like my sandals cause she actually loved them so I don’t know what to say.”

In response to above: “I don’t know man I normally say something about my shoes, maybe mention your shirt?”


“Ok we’ll work from now until four and then get food” -3:32pm Reading Day.


“I hate finals week because everyone is sad”.


“There is like a specific way to look at it I just don’t remember what that is”.



*Guy walks into the middle of the room, takes off his shoe, and punts paper football at friends*.


“Are you okay?” “No I am not okay it’s finals week; don’t ask me if I’m okay during finals week.”


“I just have to know everything.”


“I love the smell of playdoh.”


“This is my bucket of fun! It’s all our past ochem test questions.”


“I am so out of it I tried to use my car keys to unlock the door to the library today.”


“It looks like lunch outside.”


“You left for lunch at ABP two hours ago.” “ Yeah, I got dragged to Plato’s Closet lol.”


“Things I’ve seen this week, some HOT people. Did you guys see the guy who was at the table by the windows two hours ago”? “YES.”


“I mean I wouldn’t text me back either.”


“I had a mullet when I was little and my dad took me to the barber and was like ‘fix her up’.”


“I accidentally ordered 96 ounces of coffee using Tapingo.”


“I might as well just fill out my scantron with random answers right now since that is what I’m doing tomorrow anyway.”


“I don’t want no babies.”


“I looked it up, and strippers can make up to $300k a year.”


“We covered the whiteboards with haiku poems about our dynamics final and how it makes us feel.”


“Do you think there is like a one size fits all?”

*Shopping for diapers to facilitate travel with the ducklings her and her boyfriend bought for $5*

You never know what madness will occur in Newman Library during finals week. Keep within earshot of a table of students on one of the talking floors, and you're sure to hear something priceless. 

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