Our Summer Survival Kit

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Summer is right around the corner and that means our summer survival kit is here! When the products came in, I was ecstatic! Warm weather equals more free time and a shift in beauty and wellness routines. With a wide array of goodies, I know these are going to help me get through finals and start the summer right.

  1. 1. Carefree® Acti-Fresh® Twist Resist™

    Okay these liners are unbelievably useful! The Twist Resist™ design minimizes bunching and twisting, which is perfect for the shorts, rompers, and skirts you’ll be wearing as part of your summer wardrobe. Qwik-Dry™ core locks in fluids faster for security and peace of mind. The liners also have 8-hour odor control system for all day freshness!

  2. 2. Skintimate Exfoliating Warm Vanilla Sugar

    I adore these razors! The vanilla sugar scented handle makes shaving less of a chore. For summer they provide the clean shave with 4 smooth protected blades, they are tough enough to shave off the winter coat on your legs! Pair with hydrating shave gel for an ultimate shave experience!

  3. 3. Raspberry Rain Shave Gel

    To match accompany the razors, our Summer Survival Kit includes this shave gel with fresh raspberry fragrance! Skintimate’s hydrating formula has vitamin E and olive oil which replenishes skin's natural moisture. The lather aids the razor‘s glide for a close, comfortable shave and healthy, smooth skin!

  4. 4. . EXTRA® Refreshers gum

    I always go through tons of gum during finals, but EXTRA® Refreshers gum is my go-to. With a variety of flavors, this gum is the perfect transition from school to summer. Keeping EXTRA® Refreshers gum on hand in the library or by the pool is also a great way to spark a simple connection with new people.


  5. 5. Cica Balm with Bija Seed Oil and Clear it up! Trouble care regimen kit

    Skincare is crucial under the summer sun; with beach trips and chlorine from the pool skin needs extra care. Cica balm is perfect for helping your skin with cope with the stress it undergoes over the summer. You can use this product in two ways: as a moisturizer across your entire face or for targeted care on blemishes!

  6. 6. Ghost shampoo + Ghost Conditioner

    Verb provides high-end hair care at an affordable price. Their ghost shampoo and conditioner detangles, de-frizzes, softens and offers UV protection. Plus their aesthetic is refreshing, easygoing and simple!