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New Blacksburg Eateries: A Guide on Where to Try This Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Virginia Tech chapter.

Blacksburg is a college town that is filled not only with Virginia Tech students, but also aspiring businesses who take the risk and start their new ventures. Many businesses have come and go, but this past summer was full of growth and development for Blacksburg, especially downtown. These five new establishments are places that have sprung up recently and have received lots of buzz in the community. Give them a try and you could find your new favorite spot! Reviews have been taken from Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews.



1. Yassimo

  • Location: 1202 S Main St Blacksburg, VA 24060

  • Type of food: Italian food, featuring pizzas, subs, and pasta

  • Review highlights:

    • “Even though they are currently short staffed I am amazed at what kind of food and customer service they manage to put up, which makes me even more excited at how much better they’re gonna be when they have a good amount of staff and also start delivering.” – Google User

    • “The owner and chef, who’s name I forgot to ask!, is engaging and a great guy. Will definitely be back, I want to try the pizza and chicken parm.” – Yelp User

    • “My scallops and shrimp were perfectly cooked. The owner (and apparently only cook) came out and chatted with my party after we finished eating. Great people. Food cooked with care. I will be returning for more.” – Facebook User

  • Recommended menu item: Philly Cheesesteak



2. Blacksburg Wine Lab

  • Location: 400 Turner St NW suite 101, Blacksburg, VA 24060

  • Type of food: Mainly wine and beer – it is a wine bar, after all! They also offer cheese boards and more foods that vary.

  • Review highlights:

    • “Great space, great wines, great small plates and charcuterie boards. Nice variety of higher end wines and lower priced wines on tap. Wine cocktails as well as a few non-wine selections for your non-wine-drinking friends.” – Google User

    • “Outstanding people happy to share their knowledge and suggestions and VERY welcoming!! I had a flight with an open faced Smoked Salmon sandwich with whipped herbed goat cheese capers and red pickled onions on sour dough bread. Fantastic!!” – Yelp User

    • “Excellent wine, service, excitement. Ambience but not stuffy and uppity.” – Facebook User

  • Recommended menu item: Cheese boards with wine



3. Ninja Cafe

  • Location: 1200 S Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060

  • Type of food: Asian Fusion – They offer bubble tea, hibachi, sushi, and poke bowls

  • Review highlights:

    • “They have poke bowls, Sushi burritos, and they also do Teriyaki dishes cooked. Fresh sauces, delicious raw and some cooked proteins, assorted vegetables, etc to go in your pokebowl. Additionally they have a huge selection of bubble teas and other Asian style beverages.” – Google User

    • “We just returned from living in Taiwan for a year and were delighted to find a new bubble milk tea shop in Blacksburg. There are tons of varieties, and you can customize the sugar level and amount of ice, just like in Taiwan. The taste is reasonably authentic.” – Yelp User

    • “We wanted to try something new for lunch & went here. I’ve never ate a poke bowl before & it was very good. Like a big bowl of sushi with fresh tasting ingredients.” – Facebook User

  • Recommended menu item: Bubble Tea



4. Sugar Magnolia

  • Location: 102 N Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060  

  • Type of food: Ice cream and other assorted treats, including chocolates and fudge. They also sell cards and stationery!

  • Review highlights:

    • “Really cute little place! Nice addition to downtown Blacksburg. We stopped in for ice cream this evening and we were greeted by a clean, bright, cheerful atmosphere and friendly employees. Very relaxed and happy ambiance.” – Google User

    • “This place is literally what I dream of, ice cream and cute organizational stuff. I got Lemon Crunch and Cookies and cream which were both so good. It was the cutest place ever and literally put the homemade ice cream shops in my hometown in WV to shame (those were pretty good so that’s saying something. I already want to go back!” – Yelp User

    • “I just visited Sugar Magnolia today and I was so impressed! The staff were so nice, the store is beautiful, clean and modern, the stationary selection is perfection, and the ice cream and chocolates were delicious. The owner was so friendly and talked with me for several minutes. This is a great place for Blacksburg! Highly recommend.” – Facebook User

  • Recommended menu item: Cookies & Cream Ice Cream



5. The Coop

  • Location: 235 N Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060

  • Type of food: Multi-Cuisine, serving pasta, pizza, unique appetizers and more

  • Review highlights:

    • “Beautiful, modern interior with a giant bar running most of the length of the restaurant, fantastic service from the wait staff, and good food. The interior is very nicely appointed, with exposed brick, wood tables, tile, and other nice materials, and everything is new.” – Google User

    • “I can not recommend this place enough! First of all, the food was incredible. We came here after the ND vs. Virginia Tech game. It was packed. They were short staffed and still made sure that they provided quality service.” – Yelp User

    • “The meal and the atmosphere were amazing! I wished I lived closer but I definitely know where I will be dining when I come to town! The staff was a little slow to get things out and check on our table but that is expected with a new restaurant. Be patient and you will be rewarded!” – Facebook User

  • Recommended menu item: Beef with Peanut Sauce

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