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Whether you’re a comedy enthusiast, a horror movie fanatic, a sci-fi lover, a sucker for romance movies or just someone who enjoys having a great movie night with friends, there’s a few new movies you must see. Of course, there are always new movies coming to theatres but there are a few that will leave you speechless. What better way to spend a lazy day than to watch a great movie? These films are sure to impress and you will definitely leave the movie theatre feeling more than satisfied!

1. War Dogs

This movie based on a true story is a drama-filled crime film starring both Miles Teller and Jonah Hill. How could you not want to watch a movie featuring this hilarious duo? This movie has it all, from romance to comedy to action.

2. Don’t Breathe

This action-packed thriller will actually leave you breathless. Don’t Breathe will fill all of your horror movie needs and is completely worth your time. Although, you probably won’t be able to sleep without your lights on for at least a week.


3. Snowden

Who doesn’t love a good movie about an American man working in the CIA who leaked classified information without any previous authorization? Seriously though, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley make this movie worth your time because they are both basically perfection itself.


4. Sully

Tom Hanks takes on the role of Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger in this action-packed movie based on a true story. Sully will leave you on the edge of your seat and, although it may make you never want to get on an airplane again, Tom Hank’s performance is, as usual, a memorable one.

5. Suicide Squad

They might not be your typical heroes, but they sure have the powers and the capability to save the world. If you’re a DC fan, this enticing new movie will definitely captivate you.


6. La La Land

From the director of Whiplash, this romance movie starring Ryan Gosling (*swoon*) and Emma Stone follows the love story between a jazz pianist and an aspiring actress. I mean, can you really resist a movie with Ryan Gosling in it?


7. Passengers

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. In one movie. Enough said.

Whether you’re crazy about movies or not, these are a few must see movies that have come out recently. In addition to those movies, included in this list are a couple movies coming out within the next few months that critics are already raving about. So, head to the closest movie theater, buy a large bucket of popcorn and get comfortable because these movies will seriously blow you away!

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