Mom Jeans: Where to Find Them and How to Wear Them

They say that “all things old can become new again”. This statement is certainly true when it comes to fashion trends. This past season has been a great example. Who would have thought chokers, jean skirts and block heels would make such a strong comeback? One of the craziest fashion reintroductions has to be the straight leg, high waisted, 'mom jeans' of the 80s and 90s. Everyone in the media is rocking them these days and you can too! Don’t worry if your mom got rid of her’s, here are some great and reasonably-priced choices with a few basic tips on how to style them!


Mom jeans are inarguably cool, despite past renditions. They appear effortless but still so trendy. That’s why they're perfect to swap out with your typical skinny jeans every once in awhile. With spring finally here, I also love the look of cropped mom jeans. Pairing them with a pair of sneakers or birks with a crop top, button up, or basic tee is the way to go when it comes to pulling off the chill girl look. 

Dress It Up

I have seen so many people wearing their mom jeans to parties, and I 100% support it! You can easily take these jeans up a notch by pairing them with heels and a leather jacket. If the edgy look isn’t really your thing, you can wear a daring crop top and fun shoes and you’re covered for your night out.

Add A Belt

Another sneaky trick to give your mom jeans an instant chic boost is to add a belt. Double buckle belts are trending and made for upgrading the casual feel of mom jeans! Try adding a belt with your mom jeans and a concert tee and you’re sure to turn heads.

The Find

When it comes to finding mom jeans, the search can be a little tricky. It can be hard finding a pair that gives you the right amount of straight leg but a tight fit throughout the waist and thighs. Side note, the best fitting mom jeans are not size labeled with the typical numbers of 0-13 but rather by waist size. Get familiar with your number before looking, it will make your search so much easier!

When it comes to the right pair, Pacsun is the holy grail of mom jeans! With so many options, they’ve got the perfect fit for everyone at a reasonable price range.


PacSun Twisted Blue Mom Jeans

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Another one of my favorite places to get mom jeans is ASOS. They also have a large selection and even better, they have an everyday 10% off student discount! ASOS also offers a quick turnover of merchandise, so if you don't see the right pair today, then keep checking out the assortment the next day. Prices are reasonable and the fashionability is high. 


ASOS Farleigh Slim Mom Jeans in Prince Light Wash with Busted Knees


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Thrifting for mom jeans is also fun! You can get them for less than $10 most places and can customize them with quirky patches, rips and paint. Check out Etsy for some awesome finds or go to your local thrift store. Around Blacksburg, there is a Goodwill off of Patrick Henry, as well as the YMCA Thrift Shop. In Christiansburg, you can visit Nicky's Resale Fashions and hit the other Goodwill to browse a larger selection. 

When thrifting for mom jeans, always try on a pair despite what the label says. Often, sizes are inaccurate if they are older, so don't be concerned if it is not your typical size. Likewise, be sure to inspect for mysterious holes or stains, unless you are keen for the worn look, which is never a bad idea. 

I love mom jeans for their versatility. You can’t go wrong when wearing them. They can be paired with so many different items and give you so many unique looks. If you haven’t gotten your hands on a pair do so ASAP! They’re definitely the jeans of choice for this spring. For further reading, consider the insight from publications and bloggers like Who What Wear to discover why mom jeans are a trend that's here to stay.

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