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Making Your College Room Feel Like Home

Lets face it—moving out of your nice, cozy room at home certainly has its disadvantages. If you are anything like me, all of your furniture stayed at home—leaving you to start from scratch. To make your transition a little bit easier, here are some cute and cheap craft ideas to help decorate your dorm or apartment so it can feel more like a home!

1. Go to Amazon’s website and search for “wall decals.” My roommate this year ordered two super cute decals for our apartment. All you have to do is peel off the top piece of contact paper and gently press down on the letters. The end result leaves you with a cute saying or quote on your formerly bland wall. Quick, easy, and cheap!

2. Most apartment complexes will not let you paint your room so the walls are likely very white and very plain. To spice up your living space and add a little oomph to the walls, pick a color theme for your room.
From there, you will need some small canvases, wooden letters, and fabric. Lucky for me, my first name has six letters so it worked out really well. The color scheme I chose for my room was orange, blue, and pink. I began by spray painting the wooden letters white. Once they were dry I hot glued the letters onto the fabric-covered canvases. They are so neat and are now hanging above my bed! Although this craft may not be the quickest, it is still relatively cheap and definitely one of a kind.

3. Anyone who has a Pinterest knows of the famous crayon canvas. All you need is a box of crayons, a hot glue gun, and a canvas. Once you have glued the crayons to the canvas you melt them by applying heat (using a blow dryer) to the designated area. Before you know it, you have dripping colored wax and a really neat design!

4. Need to add some excitement to any room in the house? A glitter
vase is the perfect solution! All you need is a vase with a topper, some glitter, and Pledge floor care finish. First, add the floor cleaner inside the vase and be sure to coat all sides and drain the excess. Then, sprinkle in enough glitter to cover the area and dump the remaining glitter. Before you know it you have a fun, sparkling vase!

5. College students are pretty well known for their crazy ways and their love for a good party. If you are one of the ‘wild ones,’ this is the craft for you. Instead of throwing away empty wine bottles you can make them into lovely decorations for your house! You start out by using a hot glue gun to write popular sayings like, “live, laugh, love” or “drink, every, drop” on each individual wine bottle. After that, spray the bottles with bright colors after they are finished drying. The wine bottles are now a great use for both drinking and decorating!


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