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Life Isn’t Black and White


Life Isn’t Black and White


I have always been somewhat of a moderator, not only in the sense of wanting to keep the peace between everyone, but also as someone who sees multiple points of view on an issue. Because of this, I struggled to learn who I am and what I believe, etc., due to many uncertainties. As the woman I am now, I embrace this and use it to my advantage rather than let it be a hindrance with the realization that life isn’t black and white, rather it is full of this vast gray area in between.


Life is complicated; people and relationships are complicated. Being faced with uncertainty is a normal part of life. We are faced with making decisions on a daily basis, ranging from what to have for lunch or to go on that date with the guy in the coffee shop, to what car to purchase or job offer to accept.


Everyone has differing perceptions, views, opinions, and decision-making processes, etc., on everything. Some believe things to simply be one way or another, while others believe there could be multiple possibilities. The rationale behind the expression or execution of all those things is what makes us see things in black, white, or grayscale.



Those individuals that are like me tend to see and go about things more objectively, seeing things with more than one answer, not with just one but with various points of view, and with all possibilities factored in. Others may be more subjective in their rationale, with specific and defined loyalties or biases influencing. Neither is the right or wrong way to go about things. It depends on the individuals involved, the situation, circumstances and countless other aspects.


For those that don’t see things in black and white as often as others, you may feel like sometimes you don’t fit into a mold or category because you have various points of view and they differ from time to time and depending on the issue at hand. This does not mean you are indecisive, or incapable of a strong-willed and justified rationale. If anything, you have an advantage with being fluid in your rationale. Life isn’t as easy as yes or no, this or that, and you see that.




This is not to shame or disrespect anyone who sees things in black and white. All perceptions, views, opinions, and decision-making processes are equal and valued the same in my eyes. Rather than diversity being something that divides, it should be something that unites and makes awe at how incredible man is that no one person is exactly alike.


This is merely a reminder that life isn’t always black and white and it’s okay not to see things that way. There are so many things that cannot be decided by extreme opposite ends of a spectrum. Life can’t always be one way or another and sometimes there is no right or wrong way for things to be done. The gray area is there to show us that life is rarely ever perfectly simple, and while we’re at it, let’s start seeing the world in the beautiful vibrant colors that it is full of! We just have to muddle through the best way we see fit for ourselves and those around us. When we learn to embrace and to respect others, diversity might just gain the power to unite us rather than divide us with eyes that see all the colors of the rainbow.


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Eva Cregger

Virginia Tech '20

An old soul with modern views of the world that loves movies, music, traveling and anything sweet. Majoring in Communication Studies at Virginia Tech. I am a proud Hokie & HerCampus member
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