The Life of a Female Engineer: As Told by Gifs

When you’re the only girl in your engineering group

Every now and then, your group will try to give you the written portion while the boys get to build the model

That feeling you get when another girl walks into your class

When you actually understand the notes you're taking in Dynamics

When you're on your eleventh straight hour in the library and morale is low

When you meet some of your best friends while studying in the library

Because some things are only funny to other nerds

If anything breaks you get excited because that means you get to fix something

Sometimes you spew out physics while on dates because, let’s be honest, it’s always on your mind

That one professor who always says, “None of this should be new, it’s all elementary math.”

When you’re heading to office hours in an engineering building and a teacher asks if you’re lost

You gain a squad of loyal and goofy guy friends through each of your group projects

Sometimes you get home from three tests in a row and you just-

Sometimes you find yourself in the most ridiculous but fun group projects

At the end of the day, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing you can contribute your ideas and creations to solving the problems of the world

Engineering is a challenging degree to pursue, and sometimes being a female engineer presents its own unique challenges. Despite these challenges, we female engineers go to class every day happy to be doing what we love. It’s an amazing feeling when you get to tell someone you are a Hokie engineer. The only thing better than proudly saying you’re a Hokie engineer, is telling young girls what you get to do at school and seeing the excitement in their eyes.

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