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Learning To Live On Your Own

Since coming to university I have noticed that independence can either cause people to blossom or it can crush them.

Independence seems like a really heavy weight for some. It takes away the natural flow of their lives that they adjusted to. Maybe the life you experienced in high school was working out for you. But things aren’t constant and now you have found yourself in a place where you aren’t sure you can succeed. Maybe it feels like there is no one to catch you if you fall.

University life requires a lot and things can get hard. The stress can be unbelievably overwhelming and it might feel like there is no way out of that. The only option is to sit quietly and endure, hoping for the end. But this is not a way anyone wants to live their life, especially not when this time is supposed to be some of our best.

Make sure to do this and that. Do your laundry, homework, study, and always go to class. Worst part: we have to feed ourselves too. That’s asking a little much, don’t you think?

Just when you think it can’t get more out of hand, you get sick. What a delightful little cherry on top of the cupcake of life.

I could tell you to sit down, hush up and do your work so you can get on with your life, but when has that ever worked?

I don’t know you and you don’t know me, so why on earth would you listen? I definitely wouldn’t.

Finding motivation is key. But motivation can be so fleeting, inspiration can slowly wilt as your interests change. As your focus is pulled, you forget to look for the light in the little things. 

Things can get a bit sucky. There are a million ways for things to go wrong. But that also means there are a million ways for things to go right. Right? We may not even know it but we are not alone in this.

You might feel like it sometimes but you are not the only one finding things to be rough. I guarantee someone else is too! That sounds a bit bleak. It sucks that everyone has to go through these rough but regular times. But that gives us each an advantage. It means we don’t have to do anything alone.

The expression, “misery loves company” makes a lot of sense here. Generally, it means that miserable people are comforted by the knowledge that other people are also miserable. 

That is not exactly a hopeful or comforting statement. But that can be easily fixed. I mean, think about it: if you can find comfort in the idea that others are feeling as down as you, why wouldn’t you be able to find comfort in the people themselves?

Turning to one another is an action humans were born to do. Yes, it is often easier said than done but once we find what connects us, we are capable of thriving and living through one another.

As time goes on, the constant demands of university life will become second nature and we will learn how to push ourselves harder and harder as we get closer and closer to entering the great, big world.

But in the meantime, leaning on one another, watching out for one another is the best we can do and will provide for us better than we realize. The simple things make life easier and make living better.

As life goes on, it will throw a lot more at you. Some you might brush off your shoulder like an old pro. Others might scar you for a while and that's okay. Take it all in stride.

Set goals and make lists for yourself to follow. Find things that you enjoy that help you breathe easier and talk to those who remind you you’re not alone.

Follow your head and your heart, not one or the other. You were born with both for a reason, so use that to your advantage.