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Last Minute

Everybody on campus loves a good performance, especially ones that aren’t masked with auto-tune and loud background music. Last Minute is a talented acapella group who sings at various Open Mic nights as well as other events on campus. You may have seen them at Showtime at Tech as well as other musical events. Zoe Genota, Kathryn Dalida, Nick Keam, and Vincent Fronteras make up this strong team of performers. While Dalida and Fronteras do most of the singing, Keam and Genota team up playing guitars. They spend a lot of time getting as much practice in as possible before every performance. They blew away the audience at this year’s talent show “Showtime at Tech”, winning first place. Although they have no intentions of making it big in the music industry, they are sweeping the campus with their original style. Look out for them at local Tech events such as Gobblerfest and Friday Nights at Deets in the future.

HCVT: How did you come up with the name Last Minute?
KD: Well, for our first talent show at Showtime we changed all of our songs at the last minute before we performed [Laughs.] That’s how we came up with Last Minute.

HCVT: How did your group start out?
KD: It was actually just Zoe and I to begin with. Then Vincent joined us after transferring here, then Nick started to play guitar and sing with us too.

HCVT: Do you hang out with each other a lot?
KD: Well we all live in the same apartment complex so sometimes we have jam sessions in Zoe’s apartment [Laughs.]

HCVT: Do you perform at other places or just around campus?
KD: We actually stay here on campus because it’s all we really know.
Check out this YouTube video of Last Minute’s performance at Showtime at Tech. It’s definitely a sight to see.

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