It's Time to Start Thinking About Jobs, Seniors

You’ve just made the long trek back to school and dragged yourself through the long, drawn-out and mind-numbing process of syllabus week. The absolute last thing that you want to think about doing right now is more work, when you’ve barely gotten back into the swing of things. Believe me; I get it. But the sad truth of the matter, seniors, is that this is it. For many of us, this is our very last first day of school, syllabus week, or our very last semester of being a student in general. And that means it’s time to put our big girl pants on and think about what it means to be out there in the real world. 

Unless you’re pursuing some sort of graduate school, it’s time for you to be applying for jobs! It’s not at all too early; in fact, some people have already secured jobs while you’ve been lounging on the couch this break binge-watching You and allowing Joe Goldberg to creep you out (even though we all kind of enjoy it). 

If you haven’t dusted and polished up your resume yet, open up that document! Update your GPA; make sure all of the information is still accurate and consider making your own website or digital portfolio. Have a cover letter template at the ready to make it easier for you when a specific job asks for one. LinkedIn Easy Apply is certainly ideal, but sadly not everyone uses it. 

Go shopping for more professional clothing instead of that cute top you’ve been eyeing at Target. After all, in a few months, most of your wardrobe is going to need to be work-friendly. Your bank account will thank you if you start buying things here and there early on. Update that LinkedIn profile so that you can start scanning there or on any other job sites you can get your hands on. Reach out to anyone you may know of within your family or past jobs and internships. Don’t be afraid to utilize personal connections! After all, the key to getting a job and being successful begins, like many things in life,  with you putting yourself out there. 

Be open to rejection and don’t be discouraged if you apply to 20 jobs and hear absolutely nothing back. It’s perfectly normal!  The right position will come along, and you want to be ready when it does. 


Images: Author’s own