The Importance of a Worldly Education

My parents are my biggest influencers, and they believe fully in a worldly education. I believe there is so much more that you can learn and discover on a street in Paris than you can in a classroom. You not only learn about people and culture, but also about yourself.

I believe that programs abroad should be much more accessible than they are. I was fortunate to study in France this summer, however, after deciding I would like to study abroad again, I have noticed that it is much harder to study abroad for a semester with taking credit hours into account, as well as taking classes that will help you graduate on time. This should not deter people, however, from at least exploring the options offered.

There is something so enriching about being abroad and out of your comfort zone. You begin to find yourself in ways you never thought you could. I always thought I was independent, but I never thought I could explore a foreign city by myself for a day, successfully getting around, and asking for help when I needed it. It was such a freeing and empowering experience. Being abroad greatly helped my confidence as I would go off by myself to explore, shop, get a coffee, or simply sit by the Seine.

Even when I was with the other students on the trip, we all did our own thing, but would also help each other when we needed it. There is a certain bonding that occurred with people from all different backgrounds that probably wouldn't have occurred if we were simply back at school.

One of the main obstacles of studying abroad in my opinion is the price. Studying abroad is expensive because with most programs, you pay tuition plus the cost of attendance. Let’s face it, plane tickets and living abroad are going to be expensive no matter what, but luckily during college, there are scholarships you can apply to. These scholarships are something a lot of people are not aware of or do not take advantage of, however, in some cases, they can allow someone to have the experience of a lifetime.

I think everyone should study abroad, but unfortunately many very demanding majors do not have as many opportunities as others do. Some demanding majors still have fall and spring semester programs, but others only have the option of choosing summer or winter programs. Studying abroad opened my eyes to so many new opportunities and goals for myself, as well as introduced me to new people and experiences, and I hope to do it again soon!


Image Sources: Renee Lamarque