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Girl’s nights are absolutely essential! Who doesn’t love hanging out with your best girls for the night? My friends and I are always trying to come up with new fun ideas for our girl’s night. Here is a little list of ideas for how to spend a fun night with your besties:

  1. Drive Thru Trips & Playlists: This is always a great option if you and your friends are in the mood for a chill night. Put on some sweats, hop in someone’s car, pick a restaurant like Chic-Fil-A, Taco Bell, or McDonald’s, and order food. Afterward, you can just park in a parking lot and run through everyone’s favorite playlists while eating. These moments are filled with hysterical laughter, deep conversations, nostalgia, vibes with good music, and sometimes a cry that’s good for the soul.
  2. Paint Night: Whether you and your friends are artistic, or not, paint nights are a great choice. Gather some canvases, paintbrushes, and paints for any craft store and head to someone’s place. Painting is such a calming activity that really brings out the creativity in everyone. Sometimes my friend and I will each paint something and at the end of the night, everyone takes home someone else’s painting. Just talking and painting with friends on a Friday night is a fun way to start the weekend.
  3. Baking and Netflix: Pick out a movie or show from Netflix (or any other streaming platform) and get to baking a cake, cookies, cupcakes, etc. This is always a solid choice for a night in. After baking, you and your friends can decorate your treats together.
  4. Nighttime Gym Trip: Health is essential and regular exercise greatly contributes to that. My friends and I each have our own workout schedules and routines; however, working out with friends can build motivation and accountability. Going to work out with friends can also lower anxiety about using gym equipment if you or one of your friends are fairly new to the gym.
  5. Dolled-Up Dinner: Sometimes you just need an occasion to put on a cute dress and heels, beat your face, and do your hair with your girls. Making a reservation for a dinner at an upscale restaurant provides the perfect opportunity to get dressed up for a night out. Not only do you get to enjoy a nice meal with friends, but you can also get great pictures for your social media.
  6. Salsa Night: This is a perfect idea for a girl’s night out–especially for Virginia Tech students! Every Wednesday at the Milk Parlor downtown SalsaTech hosts Salsa Night. Enjoy food, Latin music, and lessons by SalsaTech on how to dance salsa, bachata, and menage. This is a personal favorite for my friends and me.
  7. Games & Spa Time: Time to get the fun board games, face masks, hair masks, and nail polish out! A few favorite games of mine are For The Girls, Who’s Most Likely To, Uno, We’re Not Really Strangers, Slam!, Scrabble, Life, and of course Monopoly. Apply face masks and play a game while you wait to remove them. Game nights with some extra pampering are a treat!
  8. Roller/Ice Rink: Rollerskating is such a fun activity to do with friends! When winter hits, ice skating is a great alternative! You and your friends are in for an interactive night full of making memories and falling maybe once (or twice).
  9. Pylons Picnic: Sunsets on the Drillfield at Virginia Tech are to die for! Grab a few blankets or towels, grab dinner, and enjoy the setting sun and fresh air with your girls. This is such a refreshing option for girls’ night!

All of these ideas are ones my friends and I absolutely love! May our college years be full of many memories with our favorite people. Enjoy the night ladies!

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Simone Smith

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