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How to Winter Proof Your Outfits

Winter is here and in full effect! It’s already snowed in Blacksburg twice, we’ve experienced a handful of days where the weather has been below 30 degrees and lots of windy days walking across the drillfield. A lot of people hate winter for obvious reasons, but I, for one, am a part of the weird group of people who love it.  Why? Because the outfit options are endless! Colder temps call for more creativity in staying warm but also being cute. Here’s some easy tips to winter proof even the cutest outfits.


Layering is awesome because it allows you to wear so many outfits at once. Unzip your warmest outer layer to reveal at least two more warm and trendy looks. The basics of layering include a sweat wicking base layer, button up, cable knit sweater, light jacket, and finally your marshmallow down jacket.



Gloves, hats, and scarfs don’t have to be worn just for warmth. They can quickly take your winter outfit up a notch by adding color and detail. I love wearing patterned scarves, embellished beanies and cute mittens.


It’s pretty much time to ditch the flats and heels. However, there a million different boots that are sure to keep your toes dry, comfy and warm. Switch up between bright colored rain boots, Uggs, patterned duck boots and eskimo snow shoes.

My Favorite Sneaky Extra

I have one last tip that is a must for extremely cold days. In December I like to stock up on hand, foot and body warmers! They’re hidden underneath your clothes and keep you warm for hours. I especially love these for party nights when I don’t want to have to lug around a heavy coat but don’t want to sacrifice staying warm.

So here’s to a great semester and lots of stylish snow days! Image Sources: /2/3/4/5/6/7/8/1

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