How to Use Your Talents to Make Extra Cash This Winter

Now that finals are over and winter break is in full swing, that means more free time! If you’re anything like me then you are easily bored and love to keep productive no matter the season. And unless you have a few projects lined up, there’s a chance you will get a little restless during winter break. So, start using those talents that got sidelined during the semester and start building your empire this break.

It’s great to do the things that make you happy with all that extra time, but it’s even better to do the things that make you and your wallet happy. This list is sure to do just that.

1. Sell your art  

If you live in a suburb, there’s a chance you have quite a few customers you didn’t even realize you had. Pet owners are a huge potential market and are willing to pay a pretty penny for a realistic (or abstract) rendition of their furry friends. Ask your parents, ask the neighborhood – word-of-mouth is a great way to start doing local commissioned work.

If you are more digitally-inclined, then open up an Etsy shop and put your prints out for the world to view, and buy.

2. Sell your clothes

Every fashionista or dapper dude has to know about the up-and-coming ways to swap and shop. Second-hand clothing is big amongst the college crowds because we are cheap and desire a deeper connection to the clothing we consume. Get hip, clear out your closet and make some cash doing it! As an added bonus, you can really build a community with these apps – I have used and recommend Depop, but other selling platforms to explore include Poshmark and thredUP.

3. Walk dogs and babysit

While revisiting the topic of the wealth of resources in your neighborhood, consider dog walking/sitting as well as traditional babysitting. Stick up an old-fashioned flyer in your neighborhood to get the word out as it’s likely someone will be going out of town. Then reap the rewards of the joy of playing with children and/or puppies! You can also simplify your dog walking with Wag! or Rover to further legitimize your appeal as a dog walker. The owner can track walks, pay in app and even tip you. Although if you think you've escaped the taunting of your GPA, you haven't -- owners can review you, and your report card is publicly viewable. 

4. Write remotely 

It’s always enticing to make extra money while doing something remotely, so explore options to write articles freelance all from the comfort of your living room sofa. Check out for more insight on available jobs. Another option is to scope out a job board for writers: like Upwork, Essayroo and People Per Hour. As with everything, do your research ahead and make sure the source is legitimate. 

Don't sit idle this winter break. Use your talents to earn some extra cash now and start off next semester right! 

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