How to Style Culottes for Fall

Culottes were a huge fashion trend this past summer. Celebs everywhere were pictured in flowy, loose pants in every color and pattern. Looking into fall, culottes are here to stay. Though they might seem intimidating at first, styling these pants can actually be very easy! Keep reading for plenty of outfit inspo for styling culottes for cooler weather.

An easy way to transition culottes into fall is to grab them in a more autumnal color. These burnt-orange culottes are absolutely beautiful and can easily be paired with any neutrals. This outfit is also a good example of how easily culottes can be dressed up or down. By switching the heels for white sneakers and adding a denim jacket instead of the coat, this outfit could easily become casual.

I absolutely love the combination of neutrals in this outfit. It shows that you don’t need pops of color to make an outfit interesting. Culottes made out of a heavier material, like leather, are perfect for fall. They still have the classic shape, but the material makes them on-trend and more appropriate for cooler weather.



Often, culottes can replace jeans in many outfits. This basics of this outfit- graphic t-shirt, leather jacket, white sneakers- are commonly styled with a pair of jeans. The same basics look great with culottes! It really demonstrates the power of having basics in your wardrobe when it comes to styling trendier pieces.



You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit. However, it is important to keep your outfit interesting by incorporating different textures and shapes. This outfit has a nice balance of both soft and edgy pieces. The leather jacket and patent shoes contrast against the loose pants and basic black top. The only thing I would change about this outfit is the hat. A wide-brimmed wool hat is a classic fall accessory, but a baker boy hat would be even more on-trend.



Another way to style culottes for fall is to pair them with a fitted sweater. A fitted top balances out the loose silhouette of the pants. The sweater is also slightly cropped, which keeps the look modern. Black ankle boots bring the whole look together and dress it up. A similar look could be achieved with a baggier sweater, simply by tucking it into the waistband of the pants.



I wanted to include an outfit with a pair of white striped culottes to show that lighter colors can also be transitioned into fall. It may seem like there is a lot of white in this outfit, but the black leather jacket and purse bring down the intensity of the white. Striped culottes would also look great paired with black booties and a sweater in any jewel tone.

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