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How Have You Handled Your COVID Break-Up?

Relationships require a lot more than just the care and respect for your significant other, but they also include effort, dedication, compromise, and a lot of communication. COVID-19 created a difficult circumstance for those in relationships or with partners, breaking up during quarantine was less than ideal.


Over the course of the quarantine period, there had been more than one realization of what was truly occurring in my year-long relationship. There was a lack of communication, many conversations going quiet, and soon it felt like our schedules were so inconsistent that there wasn’t even time to update each other between his essential job and my classes.


Soon there were arguments, certain conversations and topics became triggering, and the stress of work, COVID and personal/emotional issues came to light. As everything piled, and with the levels of introspection at an all-time high, a break-up ensued. Now I know what you’re thinking: you have to make it work right? You could’ve talked it out and compromised, isn’t that what builds a healthy relationship?


Yes, absolutely, 110% correct, BUT that’s only if both parties are truly interested in keeping that connection growing and strong, mine, like many, were beginning to show cracks in their foundations, not even in the new building blocks. If you can’t keep communication and effort during times like this, what happens if something worse comes about?


Breaking up in quarantine was unlike anything else; with the inability to go out and see your friends, get the physical comfort from family, and having either work or school to worry about, there were struggles on multiple fronts and with few remedies.


Zoom and Facetime calls, Netflix parties, and social distanced parking lot dinner dates were my savior. With my siblings to call and check-in, friends to watch movies with, and family dinners six feet apart, I was able to get the comfort I needed while continuing to introspect and understand what happened in the relationship, what went wrong, and where conversations could’ve ended differently.


As the pandemic continues and relationships continue to flourish and finish, perhaps now would be a good time to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your relationships with your partner and fully decide whether or not you both can pull through with maximum effort and full compromise.


Shanzeh is a senior at Virginia Tech and is originally from Northern Virginia. She's studying multimedia journalism and minoring in international studies; you can usually find her in a cozy corner with a cup of coffee most likely listening to a podcast or watching a news relay. Shanzeh hopes to become an international correspondent and has aspirations to be writing, reporting, and photographing for a news outlet in the future.
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