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How to Have Fun in College Without Partying

People often associate college with partying as if that is all there is to it. I disagree with that stereotype and am pleased to inform you that there is more to college life than partying.

College is a big step from high school. You get to pick your own classes and spend your time however you choose. The option to party is in your hands. Mom and Dad can’t tell you not to go or when to be back. However, be wise in your decisions to party. I’m not saying that all parties are bad; rather, that too much partying can be detrimental to your education as a college student.

College is the last stepping-stone besides grad school to pass into the real world. How you spend your time in college may definitely affect your future. If you spend most of your time partying, you will notice your grades beginning to slip, therefore causing you to get behind in your credits. This may lead you to delayed graduation and hinder your chances of getting a good job. Stay focused on what is important in college like maintaining a high GPA, getting involved on campus and hanging around people who have a good influence on you. This is especially true for freshmen.

Make yourself proud of your college life. You don’t want to look back and say that you wished you had more organizations to add to your resume or spent more time studying than partying. Don’t wait until it’s too late to make the best out of your time at college. I recently got involved with more organizations on campus outside the Corps of Cadets to further engage myself in community service. Being involved in other organizations has also taught me how to balance my schedule which is will be helpful when maintaining a career in the real world.

Treat college like you would a full time job because that’s basically what it is. You can choose whether or not to go to class just like you can with your job. I remember my track coach telling me, “The way you practice is the way you’ll perform.” This saying is so true especially for young adults who are seeking higher education. If you slack off in school and spend most of your time partying and playing video games, you’ll find yourself holding on to those same bad habits when you get a real job. I cannot stress enough that what you do now will determine your future.

Although we mainly come to college to get an education, it’s also supposed to fun. It’s not serious and structured all the time. The balancing factor can come into play here as well. Work hard during the week and reward yourself on the weekend with going to the movies or trips to the mall. Take a study break from time to time and relax when you’re under stress. Your performance in college is the foundation of your future. Spend the time wisely. You’ll be graduating before you know it.

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