How to Have Christmas Fun at School

It’s the holiday season, folks! Are you ready for packing up your stuff and heading home without any responsibilities to worry about and just focus on spending some quality time with your loved ones for the most wonderful time of the year? Me too, but we still have some time left in Blacksburg before the dreaded finals week arrives. If you’re looking for a good way to get into the holiday spirit while enjoying your time in Blacksburg, here are a few of the best ways to enjoy Christmas-time with your pals before you head home for all the traditional family events!


1. The Winter Lights Festival

For anyone who knows anything about me, this is of course No. 1 on my list. My favorite tradition I’ve participated in since coming to Tech was going to the first downtown Christmas parade and festival with all of my suitemates. Seeing the entire community come together and put on this amazing display of cheer and holiday spirit just really warms my heart. (Which is needed, because it gets pretty chilly standing outside for the whole parade.)

2. Decorate your apartment or dorm

No, it’s not the same as you decorating your house with your parents, where you pull out the ornaments your Mom has been saving since preschool that honestly look like trash but she’ll never get rid of because they have “sentimental value.” But this is your home away from home, and therefore you should make it look, well, homey! There are so many easy and cheap ways to decorate for Christmas, even if it just involves throwing up a few strands of string lights and calling it quits.


3. Bake Christmas cookies

As college students, we’re always looking for a way to encourage unhealthy eating habits. And what better late night treat to help keep you awake during finals week than the ultimate sugar rush provider—cookies! Check out Pinterest for all sorts of Christmas cookies to try your hand at baking, with anything from simple and easy to fancy and fun recipes for you and all your friends to try out!


4. Have a Christmas party

No, not necessarily like the corporate ones your parents have dragged you to over the years. But get all your friends together before you head your separate ways for the next month and a half and celebrate before finals week! Spice up your party with an ugly sweater or cookie baking contest, and maybe host a Secret Santa exchange.


5. Give back

Above all else, I hope that you and your friends realize how fortunate you are this holiday season and try to spread some of your fortunes to those who need it more than you. Look into visiting local food banks or maybe even nursing homes to donate some items or your time for people who would really appreciate it.


There are so many ways to tap into your holiday spirit, and I hope that you and all of your friends enjoy your time here at school before finals and Christmas roll around. Try not to stress too much, and make sure to have some fun here in the ‘Burg before it’s too late!


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