How to Effortlessly Transition Your Summer Outfits into Fall

Even though the first day of fall has finally come, the weather says anything but. This weird in between of summer and fall weather can make picking out outfits extremely challenging. I mean how do you pick out an outfit when it’s cold and rainy in the morning, but then it feels like a tropical rainforest by lunchtime?


If you’re someone who just wants to break out the chunky sweaters and cute fall jackets (like me), but don’t want to suffer through the heat and humidity, then here’s a few tips. Here are some easy ways to effortlessly transition your summer wardrobe into fall. Just because the weather doesn't perfectly match the season yet, doesn't mean you can’t stunt in some amazing, fall inspired outfits.


The Autumn Aesthetic


If the weather that day is just too hot for anything besides shorts and a t-shirt, then play with color! Wearing warm tones like browns and oranges is a great way to incorporate fall into your outfits without sacrificing comfort. The color doesn't just have to be in the shirt either, switch it up by wearing warm toned shorts or some fun pants.



Dresses and skirts can also be a lifesaver in the heat. Throwing on something like an overall dress is quick and easy, and can add a touch of fall to any outfit without compromising wearability. The possibilities are practically endless if you simply play with color alone.



Light Layering


In my opinion, layering is the key to effortlessly transitioning summer outfits into fall. Wearing basic shorts and a t-shirt? Throw on a denim jacket. That cute sundress you have? Add a chunky cardigan. Layering your outfits is such a simple change, but it can make the world of a difference when it comes to the fall aesthetic you’re going for.


If you’re not a cardigan type of person, fun printed blazers and jackets are another great transition piece to have around for fall. Also, if the sun starts to come out, just take the layer off! You can even tie it around your waste to give your outfit a different look.






Easy Accessories


Accessories are everything when it comes to fall fashion. You might not want to break out a scarf just yet, but hats, boots, bags and jewelry can transform your not-so-fall outfit into a cute and cozy autumn masterpiece. Throwing on a pair of edgy, fall boots with a dress or a pair of shorts can really take your outfit to the next level, so can hats and statement jewelry.



The best advice I have is to see what fun pieces you already have lying around, and go from there! Chances are, you have a pair of boots or an old bag that you haven’t worn in a while just waiting to be rediscovered. Transitioning your outfits into fall doesn't have to be hard, no matter how you’d classify your own personal style. Have fun with it!


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