How to Clean out Your Mental Closet This Christmas

December can be kind of a drag sometimes, if we’re being honest. The energy and pace of summer is long gone, and the effects of daylight savings time have sunk in and shortened our days. For those of us who love staying active, the transition from outdoors to indoors can be quite a struggle as our bodies and minds seek purpose. Since the holidays are all about generosity, how about acting a little generous toward ourselves this winter? Engaging in a few self-care techniques can recharge our minds and help lessen the stress for the holidays.

  1. 1. Clean out your actual closet

    Millions of thoughts are swarming our minds in a single day, but a messy room should not be one of them. If you’re feeling charitable this holiday break, think about donating your clothes as a way to both help someone in need and declutter your mind. Emptying your closet of unnecessary possessions can be a weight off your shoulders and an opportunity to treat yourself with a new set of clothes!

  2. 2. Thoughts makeover

    Many of our daily thoughts simply do not serve us any good. Next time you catch yourself thinking “I’m not any good at this” or “It’s impossible,” stop to think how you can improve yourself instead of automatically shutting down. Letting yourself fail is a much better alternative than giving up before you start. Sometimes, we tend to develop negative thought patterns that discourage us from taking up a challenge that we are very much equipped to handle. Rather than adding up the negative factors that may act as a block to your success, focus on what you are good at and run with it.

  3. 3. Journal

    Coming home for the holidays can be overwhelming, whether it may be dealing with difficult relatives, awkward run-ins with people in your hometown, or simply the wealth of alone time that we find ourselves facing. In the sluggish hours when you’re not reconnecting with friends over coffee or out at the mall for Christmas shopping, take a few minutes to yourself to sort out your thoughts and goals for the new year in a journal. This can take whatever form is most healing for you; maybe, it’s a monologue of everything that’s been stressing you out at school or a list of things that you want to work on for your well-being. Whatever it may be, remember to be honest with yourself and focus on flushing out the negative thoughts and emotions that may be taking a toll on your mind and body this break.

  4. 4. Celebrate the little things

    Maybe, there’s a specific type of scented candle that your mom used to light or a cookie that your grandma makes that gives you a slight burst of happiness. Keep your radar on for any little thing that brings you joy, and indulge in it as much as you can this break. Surrounding yourself with small reminders of happiness will up your comfort level and promote inner peace.

  5. 5. Stop putting things off

    It’s easy to imagine a better life after finals, after graduation, and after you get your dream job. Stop delaying your happiness; start living for yourself now! If you feel like experiencing something new or taking some time alone, allow yourself to act a little impulsively. Nothing is guaranteed later on. You might as well stop planning every moment of the future, and start enjoying life in the present!


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