Her Campus Virginia Tech: Letter From the Founding Editor

What story do I have to tell? I pondered this as I was making a cup of coffee the previous morning. Then it hit me as if a direct revelation, the story I would tell would not be my own.

(Senior Send-off Brunch on the Drillfield)

The relevance of Her Campus to me is that it creates a space for stories to be told and celebrated by women. It unites women of all backgrounds and encourages diverse perspectives. It provides a platform for career development, through an extensive alumni network and practical skills in digital media and leadership. But most of all, it empowers women on college campuses through friendship, community, shared ambitions and productive goals while preparing them for success.

(Fall 2016 photoshoot at Joe's Tree Farm)

2-weeks ago. Frustrated, I looped around in my car for the fourth and final time, before slipping into a spot on Washington St. I returned my dad's phone call and power walked to the University Student Leadership Awards in Squires. "Can you believe I'd been driving around for 45 damn minutes looking for a spot?! And I'm 30 minutes late!" In a way, this is symbolic for how I feel at many points during my life. Always anxious to get to the next stepping stone, I don’t look back to see where my feet have already skimmed.

(Media Mixer 2017)

If I had the sense to pause for this reflection I would have, but with graduation approaching and final projects looming, I was too absorbed in a minor inconvenience to welcome this opportunity for reflection and celebration. Now I can see it vividly. Following a perceived setback or limitation, really great things seem to happen. This great thing happened to be experiencing this awards ceremony with the Her Campus chapter I initiated nearly 6 semesters ago. Not only experiencing it with our team but truly feeling the impact of our accomplishments while receiving the Outstanding Organization of the Year award.

(HC Winning Outstanding Organization of the Year, 2018) 

Looking back, this moment enriches the grittiness of getting started and having to resurrect the chapter from a non-existent framework: gathering signatures, taking edit tests, learning the ins and outs of a comprehensive manual, recruiting a team and dispelling the memories of a previous chapter's failure. Since the beginning, we have never lost our momentum. We created new traditions like Media Mixer, Reading Day Rescue, and even ran a Homecoming candidate despite the customary Greek-dominated campaign court. With all of these consecutive activities we never paused to reflect, and I think now is the time.

(Ladies' Boxing Night, 2016)

(Media Mixer 2016)

Throughout my time with Her Campus Virginia Tech as President and Editor-In-Chief, I have witnessed multiple stories being told while writing my own. But with limited ability to coherently convey what Her Campus has awakened in my heart, (because the list is too extensive) I want to invite our team to continuously witness the great doings they have achieved on this campus. No matter how excited you get, don’t get so caught up in getting to the next chapter that you’re skimming the pages.

And with that, welcome other stories to be told. It is important that you never allow yourselves to view each other as competition instead always share your passions and find ways to collaborate with others, success will find you.


- Kaley