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Her Campus is the Girl Gang You’re Looking For: Gobblerfest 2018 Recap

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Virginia Tech chapter.

The energy at Gobblerfest 2018 was electric (no I don’t regret the very horrible, stupidly bad joke)! In case you missed this year’s Gobblerfest, didn’t get to visit our table or just want to know who we are, this is the article for you. The forty-five minutes we were on the Drillfield were insane, filled with social media challenges and goodies! We loved seeing everyone at Gobblerfest and can’t wait for y’all to connect with us!

The exact moment they announced gobblerfest is suspended!  

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We hope to see you in at the General body Info Meeting! Here’s a link to view all the applications!


Jessica Mardian

Virginia Tech '21

Jessica is a senior at Virginia Tech, double majoring in Creative Writing and Multimedia Journalism. 
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Chera Longfritz

Virginia Tech

Just a funky lil girl trying to put my thoughts into relatable words!!! I've had the dream of being Anne Hathaway's character in Devil Wears Prada since I was like three. Maybe without being someone's bitch, but you know, everyone has to start somewhere.