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Have a Little Faith in Your Future

What the future holds is something that we all wonder about. Age makes no difference. The things to come are on our minds. Where will I end up after graduation? How am I ever going to pay off these loans? Marriage? Babies? Travels? The list goes on and on and while I hate to break it to you, you are going to have to come to peace with the uncertainty of it all.

Humans tend to be curious by nature, so when we are unsure of something, we may feel uneasy, and that is okay. Making peace with your unknown future and ultimately all things in your life will prove to be beneficial to your happiness.

As I have said before, worrying tends to be unproductive and can only make things worse. If you can help from doing it, then you definitely should. Plans don’t always go accordingly either, so don’t count on that.

I am not often one for idolizing celebrities, however, Ashley Graham stands out from the crowd.  A strong and powerful woman with many amazing qualities, she is a queen when it comes to body-positivity and self-love. Graham has suggested that women proclaim a mantra of their choosing to themselves each morning.

The purpose is to speak these statements into existence. Your mantra can be something you need to hear for self-love or something to remind you of a goal until you reach it. Doing this will undoubtedly be helpful if what you are worried about is the future.

While there is uncertainty to deal with. You will land a fabulous job. The money to live off of and pay your loans will come. The person meant for you is out there and you will have a beautiful family. Life will take you all over, enjoy the ride.

Once you come to peace with the uncertainty that life entails, I promise you will be so much happier. Have a little faith in yourself and your future, you will amaze yourself.

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