Gluten Free Guide to Blacksburg

There are many students across the country eating gluten free, however finding gluten free food in college can be pretty tough. After four years of living in Blacksburg, I have compiled my favorite gluten free discoveries for your convenience. “Gluten free” essentially means the food item lacks gluten, but it does not necessarily mean that there is no cross-contamination that could have occurred in the kitchen. If you have a severe gluten allergy or celiac disease, it is wise to ask about cross-contamination before ordering anything. Here is a gluten free guide to Blacksburg!



There are many gluten free dining choices in Blacksburg for any price range. Avellinos is a traditional Italian restaurant that showcases many dishes that do not contain gluten. Not only do  Avellinos boast a long list of gluten free pasta dishes, but they also can make their meatballs without gluten! Most meatballs are not gluten free so this is an exciting find. Avellinos also has an incredible flour-less chocolate torte, which is the perfect birthday cake for someone gluten free!

Avellinos flourless chocolate torte is decadent and rich.


The Cellar is a great restaurant downtown that has top notch gluten free bread, a wide selection of paninis and gluten free pizza crust as well. My favorite meal is the gluten free pesto panini. Gillie’s also offers a variety of gluten free and vegan dishes, including a Mediterranean chickpea bun. El Rodeo and Cabo Fish Taco are two taco options in Blacksburg, both having easy gluten free options and are quite popular among students!  If you are looking for a quick bite to eat or for a laid back date with plenty of gluten free options, McAlister’s Deli is the perfect go-to. They have gluten free bread for their amazing sandwiches and are also known for their loaded “spuds”.


A McAlister’s gluten free sandwich that makes the perfect quick dinner with friends.



There are plenty of places to grab a gluten free treat in Blacksburg. One popular place is Sugar Magnolia; a new and very popular ice cream and chocolate shop downtown. Their seasonal chocolates are delightful as well their Homestead Creamery ice cream. In fact it is some of the best ice cream I have ever had. You can also order a flight of ice cream for your family or friends to share.

A flight of ice cream from Sugar Magnolia.


Bollo’s Cafe hosts gluten free Tuesdays and Saturdays, where they serve gluten free muffins and other treats! My personal favorite is the pumpkin chocolate chip muffin.

The Bollo’s gluten free pumpkin chocolate chip muffin.


Campus Cookies is a local cookie shop where you can have cookies delivered to you. Campus Cookies has a wide array of gluten free cookies, and parents frequently order cookies to be delivered to students studying in the library.


Grocery Shopping

The Farmers Market every Wednesday and Saturday has gluten free baked goods and even a gluten free crepe booth by Garden Song Cafe!

A crepe filled with nutella, bananas, and strawberries.


There are two Krogers in Blacksburg, both offering plenty of gluten free options. Kroger carries some of the best gluten free brands including Barilla Pasta and Udi’s Bread. Food Lion also carries similar brands to these.


Eats Natural Foods on Main Street also offers a lot of gluten free grocery items and is just a short walk from campus. Eats Natural Foods also offers products that contain digestive enzymes to take in the case you accidentally consume gluten.


Finding gluten free food can be super exciting for anyone with an allergy. So whether you need to find gluten free food for yourself, a visiting family member, or a new friend in your dorm, this guide is for you!


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