Girls vs. Guys: Opinions about College Dating

Have you ever wondered what other students at your school think about dating in college? We asked both women and men at Virginia Tech some questions to see how they feel about the subject.

Do you want to be in a college relationship? Why/ why not?


Stefi: I do want to be in a college relationship and I actually already am in one. It is fun to have someone to do things with and experience college with, especially when the relationship is healthy and still allows you to grow as an individual.

Casey: I do want to be in a college relationship. College is a time where you have an opportunity to establish yourself and your independence. Dating is also a way to learn what you want and do not want in a partner and also for yourself. I feel like relationships add a dynamic to your life that allows you to be challenged and learn more about yourself.

Payton: I don’t think about it very often honestly. Right now, I have been feeling very overwhelmed with schoolwork and extracurricular activities, and I feel like a college relationship is something that you need to make sure you have time for. I understand the number of responsibilities will only increase when I take harder classes for my major, which is why I do not want a college relationship currently. If I am lucky and suddenly I have free time soon, I may consider it, but it will not be a priority for me.


Jack: Not particularly because a relationship can be a huge commitment and there is already so much to worry about in college.

Nick: Of course! That was one of the things I was most excited for coming to college. I am still waiting for the right girl though.

Alec: I am thankful that I was in a relationship coming into college because it made the transition a lot easier. Especially at a large school, it’s less stressful knowing you’re not alone.

Akash: I don’t want a college relationship because I feel like it would be too much stress to get attached to someone and the possibility it does not work out. I also feel like it would be so much extra work on top of my school work!

Do you think that dating in college is serious?


Stefi: Dating in college could be both serious or non serious. It depends on the couple; personally I prefer a serious and committed relationship but others might consider dating to be a few dates and hooking up.

Aleena: I believe dating in college is serious as long as both people in the relationship take it seriously, but every relationship is different so I do not even think being in college or not affects how serious it is. It just depends on the people.


Jack: It can be both, but I think most of the time it turns into something serious. So it requires a lot of time and effort.

Nick: I think that dating in college should most definitely be serious, but in all honestly it usually isn’t and that isn’t a bad thing to me.

Alec: Dating in college is what you make it to be. It is important that you both are on the same page about what you expect from the relationship.


Do you think that being in a college relationship restricts your college experience?


Erin: I do not think being in a relationship restricts your college experience, it just makes it different. Rather than being a part of the party hook-up scene, you are involved with someone you are committed to. I did not come into college in a relationship or looking for one, but I found someone I really like and it has worked out well.

Dellany: I believe that dating in college does not restrict your college experience as long as you are dating a nice guy who will let you do the things you want. You can still have the same amount of fun and sometimes more!

Shelby: I do not think it restricts me at all. I am perfectly happy and more with my boyfriend. If I want to go out (or he does), then we both go out and have fun at a party or something together. It is like doing things with your best friend, who also happens to be your boyfriend.


Thomas: I do not think it restricts a college experience because everyone’s college experience is subjective to what they want it to be and I am not held back from anything I would want to do.

Nick: No way! It can only add to your college experience. If it restricts you from the experiences that you want, then it is not a relationship you should be in. Simple as that.

Alec: It can unintentionally be restrictive. It is easy to fall into a rhythm with your boyfriend/girlfriend, but it’s important to keep pursuing the things you are passionate about and make time to meet new people.

From this sample, we found that guys’ and girls’ opinions do not differ a lot when it comes to college dating. It was mostly based on personal views that were different for each person. We determined that dating in college is definitely what you make it to be. If you are single, then take it as an opportunity to find out more about yourself and enjoy the freedom you have.

If you already are or find yourself getting into a relationship, make sure that it brings you joy and have fun with it. After all, it is college and it should be one of the most fun times of your life.

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