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Get your flu shot!

On October 3rd, Schiffert Health Center is administering flu shots at McComas. Many people don’t think the shot is necessary; they’ll just wing it. I am here to tell you that flu shots are the best decision you can make for the year.

My freshman year, around this time, my mom texted me to remind me to get a flu shot. Of course, I did what every other freshman does, ignored it. She kept bringing it up and I came to the point where I pretended it happened. The rest of fall went okay and winter was heading down a smooth path as well, until one February morning. I woke up on my deathbed. I was shivering, running a 103 fever, and had a test and a paper due that same day. Talk about a nightmare! I was able to get everything figured out, but the rest of that week was awful. That was the worst and best learning experience of college. Every year since then, I’ve gotten a flu shot and I haven’t been super sick since!

This experience can be avoided! Remember to go to Schiffert! If Schiffert is not convenient for you, flu shots are also available at CVS.

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Carlee Cutchin

Virginia Tech

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