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After a long break, it’s hard to get back into the groove of your schedule. Between staying up late and sleeping in, it can be hard finding your footing when school starts — that’s why it’s important to use tips to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Set a routine

Over break it’s easy to stop following a routine — to just go with the flow. Due to that, it’s crucial to start setting a schedule. Start small by going to bed a little bit earlier or setting a time to eat lunch. Try setting your days to match what an ideal college day would look like by mapping out your schedule to match your classes with clubs and extracurriculars mixed in. If the rhythm gets too monotonous, try to stay consistent during the week and mix it up over the weekend.

find inspiration

Staying motivated during the semester is hard, which is why it’s important to find inspiration. Create a vision board of your goals for the semester or for the year. Pinterest offers digital boards to pin hundreds of ideas. Or, you can get artistic and create a collage of your favorite images and sayings to hang on your wall. If a vision board doesn’t pique your interest, try a playlist of your favorite songs or podcasts.

Create short-term goals and rewards

It’s easy to be consumed by long-term goals: graduating, getting an internship and finding a job. However, try to focus on short-term goals. Maybe it’s reading the syllabus before the class starts or passing a quiz. Keep the goals attainable and short, and reward yourself. Set aside time to treat yourself with self-care. Try a face mask, go to the gym or take a nap. Give yourself incentives for your hard work.

Identify study buddies

Studying is a crucial part of college, so it’s important to surround yourself with people who want to succeed. Find a study group to join in your class or create one yourself. GroupMe offers opportunities to reach out and work within your class — and it’s an easy way to contact others. There are also groups on campus that focus on specific subjects, such as Sigma Delta Pi who offers Spanish tutoring.

Take your time

Transitioning from the break to school can be rough, no matter how many times you’ve done it. Allow yourself the peace of getting back into the rhythm of classes, clubs and other activities with mistakes. Gentle reminders can keep you motivated and provide the space to manage your time wisely.

Getting back into the groove isn’t as hard as it seems, especially with the right structure. Keep reminders on hand, find others who are looking for study groups, and continue to stay consistent with your week. With all of that, may this semester treat you kindly.

Madi Armstrong

Virginia Tech '23

I'm a junior studying multimedia journalism with a minor in Spanish at Virginia Tech. I've lived across the world, from the United States to Spain to South Korea. If I'm not writing, you'll either find me browsing around the library for the newest book or at the gym.
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