Finding the Perfect Graduation Gift in 7 Items or Less

Graduation is almost here and as the end of school and finals approach, it is easy to forget about something that should seem well planned: graduation gifts. There is a best friend or sibling who is graduating high school or college, and you want to give them a gift they’ll love. If you are wracking your brain for a gift that is genuine but amazing, then do not worry because I prepared a list for you.


A school pennant is one of the most classic gifts and cutest room decorations that is rarely given anymore. A high school student will be excited to have a dorm room decoration, while a graduating college student will appreciate the keepsake forever and proudly hang it in their apartment. If the student is headed to grad school after graduation, then getting them a pennant for their new college is a great idea as well. Walmart sells these online for under $10 with free shipping. A Virginia Tech pennant can be found online at College Flags & Banners Co.

Alumni Gear

Now that your grad is going to be an alum, it is time to give them something that says it. Whether it be a mug, hat, or sweatshirt, they will soon be alum of this fantastic college and need to have some way to show it off.

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is a company started by women, and made for women and girls of all ages. The Vera Bradley XL throw blanket is the perfect graduation gift. These blankets are ridiculously soft but also extra long so it covers the standard twin XL dorm room bed. The throw blanket is just one item that can also be bought in the new Virginia Tech pattern.

If you’re looking for a gift for the graduating senior, by all means buy them the shower caddy with a mesh bottom to drain the water. The zip id is also something that most college girls carry, it holds your ID or swipe card and keys.

A graduating college student will most likely need a business bag, and Vera Bradley takes a lot of consideration into the design of their business handbags, like the Mallory Leather tote.

Finally, the classic duffle is the perfect gift for a graduate of any age. It can be folded to take up barely any storage space, while being the perfect size to pack for a weekend trip home.

A lot of these items can be monogrammed as well!

Football Jersey

If the graduate does not already have a football jersey, please get them one. Whether they are headed into four years of watching football from the student section or into their first year coming home to watch as an alum, every graduate needs a jersey to rep their school team.

Alumni Hall Gifts

Check out the store Alumni Hall, because they have anything a college graduate could want. A college graduate is already looking ahead to tailgating as an alum, and Alumni Hall carries the cutest plates, trays and glasses to add spirit to gameday.

Also found while shopping, items such as a Hokie bird head cover for a golf club or a Virginia Tech tie are unique gifts that will actually gain your graduate some positive attention and will be a conversation starter if the grad ever runs into other alum.

Signed Initial

Something I did at my graduation party was paint a large wooden M (my first initial) with blue paint and have all of my friends sign it and write messages for me. I keep it on my desk at college now and seeing my friends’ handwriting and jokes bring me comfort when needed. This could also be done with sorority letters. One could buy wooden greek letters from Michaels and simply put the letters out or pass them around during chapter for everyone to sign.

Here are my best friend and I’s initials:

Apartment/Dorm Decor

Your grad is going to be living on their own, and probably will not have funds for all the decorations in the world. Painting them a canvas to hang in their room is cheap and meaningful, especially if the canvas has a message that they will love. Search Pinterest for diy decor or dorm decor, and see what you can make or buy for cheap! Homegoods is also home to affordable but chic apartment necessities.

Here is some decor that I made for my little sister:

Graduation season is a busy time for everyone and sometimes it can be hard to show someone how much you care about them or how proud you are of them when you have so many things you need to do. Try not to forget how exciting of a time this is for a graduate, and how important it is to them that you are there to share the moment with them. Finding a gift that shows how well you know them does not have to be stressful or expensive, just think of what they love most in life and the perfect gift will come to mind soon enough. If you are still drawing a blank, just look at look at their Pinterest boards because those boards are wish lists already made for you. Enjoy the season!

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