Fashion Rules Mini-Series: Never Let Your Bra Show

Growing up, many girls heard that it was distasteful and inappropriate to let your bra show.  But thank god for feminism and girl power movements who said FORGET that!  Bras are essential to so many women and there’s no need to feel ashamed of them.  More than trending right now is women embracing the beauty of their bras and other intimate items by incorporating them into everyday outfits.

Kim Kardashian West is one great example of how to nail the look.  Her wardrobe choices defy rule breaking. Over the past year she has emerged wearing lots of lacy and racy things, and we love it!

Bodysuits and slip dresses are the easiest way to do the sleepwear as streetwear look. I love pairing lace bodysuits with high waisted jeans and skirts. Throwing on a slip dress with a denim jacket or over a tee or turtleneck looks effortlessly cool. You can also amp up a simple tee and jean combo by adding in a laced bralette underneath to peek through.  

Rachel Kiser, a freshman here at Tech is the ultimate fashion rule breaker!  “Whether it’s wearing black lipstick, or wearing pants over a dress, or even just wearing a red lip and a low cut shirt; it’s whatever makes you feel sexy, beautiful and adventurous.” Her Campus is loving both her bold attitude and style. She promoted the sleepwear as streetwear look perfectly by pairing a black slip over a solid white tee and jeans. The way Rachel utilized the slip gives her an edgy vibe while still staying appropriate for class.

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Stay tuned to see what rule will be broken next.