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Falling in Love with Blacksburg

            Fall is here! The days are cooler and the nights colder; the leaves are changing colors; we get to wear our comfy yet stylish sweaters, AND it is almost Halloween! The best part is that we get to spend it in Blacksburg! The scenery in Blacksburg is the perfect backdrop for fall activities that are low-cost and fun. Here are five activities that you can do in and around Blacksburg by yourself or with a group of friends!

Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Patch

Fall is the perfect time to go pick apples and Doe Creek Farms orchard in Pembroke! Get a bunch of friends together and have a fun picking apples, drinking cider, and enjoying the mountaintop scenery. With apples priced at a dollar per pound, it is super economically friendly. Doe Creek Farm is open Saturday through Tuesday at varying times.

Another fun place to go for fall festivities is Sinkland Farms in Christiansburg. At Sinkland Farms, you can enjoy music, pumpkin picking, well-reviewed food, and hayrides for $10 per person!

Make a bonfire

Bonfires are a fun way to relax and have fun when the weather starts to get colder. Get a few friends together and make a bonfire and make smores.

DIY Crafts

Making Do-It-Yourself (DIY) decorations to spruce up your dorm or apartment is the perfect way to get in the mood for fall. Click here to get some cute and fun ideas for some fall crafts.

Hike Scenic Views

McAfee Knob is a great place to go hiking to see all the trees change colors! The round-trip hike is eight miles long, but the view is worth it. Get some friends together to hike the trail. It’s also the perfect place to take some great photos.


Halloween is the widely considered to be one of the best holidays of the year. In the spirit of all things, the best activity for a group of friends is to visit a haunted house! There are two attractions that are close to Blacksburg: The St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford and the Gallows in Elliston that is 15 minutes from Virginia Tech.  Make sure to check them out one weekend this month.

Check out all these fun things to do and Fall a little bit more in love with Blacksburg and all that it has to offer.

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